The Devil’s Queen – A Book Review

By Jeanne Kalogridis
ISBN -10:0-32-36843-7
St Martin’s Press


‘“Madame’, he said gently.  “You and I understand each other well, I think – better than the rest of the world understands us.  You and I see things others do not.  Too much for our comfort.’”  The words of Monsieur de Nostredame to Madame la Reine – Catherine de Medicis, Queen, Consort of Henry II, King of France 1519-1589 to Catherine during one of his visits before being removed for an astrologer.

The Devil’s Queen was fond of astrology and much of her life, Catherine De Medici  practiced the art whenever possible.  Her childhood friend, Cosimo Ruggieri, was the son of Bernozzo a physician and psychic.  His date of birth is unknown, but appears to be about the same as Catherine and both are from Florence.  Cosimo, the magician, would play a deep and abiding role in Cathrine’s entire ife.  From amulets to spells, Cosimo watched over and loved Catherine from afar for most of his life.

This version of Catherine’s life is uniquely different from any other I could find.  And the reviews, for the most part, failed to give Author Kalogridis credit for her unique approach to a much written subject.

Cosimo gave Catherine a black stone with a bit of greenery – the Wing of Corvus Resing held the power of the raven’s star and the wing would shelter her from harm.  Although she died before Cosimo, Catherine depended on Cosimo for comfort, guidance, and the necessary spells to provide heirs, escape harm, and keep her family in power.  Was the Saint Bartholemew massacre fate, or a result of Catherine’s actions?  Read The Devil’s Queen and decide for yourself.




Archetypes – Book Review

By Caroline Myss

Psychology, Inspirational, Health & Healing


Archetypes – might be described as a different approach to defining characteristics and personalities.  Wikipedia defines it several ways, including in Psychology, an archetype is a model of a person, personality, or behavior. is a place where you can answer a few questions and receive a list of those archetypes you match.  With life so confusing these days, many have no sense of who they are and what they like.  Archetypes, the book,  will help you define the answers to the quiz and begin to define who you are.

I read the book and then took the quiz.  Either way works as long as you keep an open mind.  I was characterized as a Caregiver, Intellectual, and Visionary.  There are those that would question those “types” for me and others would agree completely.  However, without the book to give it all further meaning it’s difficult to decide.

Author, Caroline Myss believes we are born with life assignments and they are governed by our archetypal patterns. She calls them “sacred contracts” and that we have a natural network of life – friends and family – that adds to our greater social arena.  She talks about our archetypes coming to us through observations of nature and deep respect for mystical law – with power and constancy not controlled and organized by any earthly politics or theology.    She believes we learn from the laws of nature that life is ordered and ruled by cycles that clearly interact with each other.  This is much like the Animal Spirits of American Indian traditions and beliefs.

You must have an open mind when you read this book and take the test.  Some reviewed it a waste of time and money, but we don’t know where they come from.  A majority of those that received it liked it – And I agree.  Archetypes may be power trends of our times and they may be a natural outcome from ancient families.  Whichever way you believe if you are struggling with identity, consider putting this book in your library. It’s one to have on the shelf for future reference.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment of the product that I read in its entirety.

The Sacred Stone Book Review

The Sacred Stone

By Mark P Cotter

Self Published Feb, 2013


If you live and/or work in Maine, you’ll probably love this book.  Based on the Amerian Indians that arrived from the North, the story takes you through many parts of Upper Maine and compares the historic locations to modern day places.  The Geology, town data, and research are fun, if you are into Maine history.

For the rest of us, the story spits and coughs through many years like the old chief the stone “cures”.  As for the Sacred Stone, it took too long to get to the stone, there was no lead-in to give the stone meaning, and the sacred and spiritual values of Crystals should have been discussed early on to give the stone the spiritual value it deserves.

It is a wonderful story, but constantly interrupted by interjections of today’s world, details on how large the wood was they used to build the cabins or extensive geological data.

I hate to rate books that are below a 3*, but this one, as it’s currently written, only rates a 2.  There is so much potential for this story.  Lovely details, wonderful outdoor scenes, historic places that you can picture because of Mr. Cotters writing.  Now if someone would help him edit the story, get all the word usage issues out of it that spell checker said were okay, and help him reorganize the details to put the focus on the story it would be a lovely book.

Bloomburg Businessweek 2/11 – 2/17/13

Top 5

#5  –  Breakfast Brunch

Everyone is trying to do everything and no one stands out – so many talk shows and not enough celebrities; so many writers, not enough stories; so many designers, performers, singers, dancers,  and yet no one really stands out.  Everyone, including our President, does the talk show run, the late night show run, and now it’s the Breakfast Run.  Have Breakfast with the movers and shakers, mostly in New York City, and you’ll own the world.  Sigh!

#4  –  Price of Electricity per Kilowatt Hour

Mexico                                 .15 cents

Japan & Germany            .11

India                                      .09

China                                     .07

USA                                       .06

Wonder what the US rate would be if you turned off all the coal fired plants?


#3  –  Long-Term Unemployed or Displaced?

Several articles discussed the unemployed and the long-term unemployed.  Unemployed or displaced by automation.  Andy Stern, former President of the SEIUnion, predicts unemployment will be a more generalized job drought which will be the result largely of automation.

#2  –

Has not proven to be the success constituents anticipated.  There isn’t any discussion from The White House about how many new emails they’ve mined from the “petitions”, but it hasn’t been enough to get a response.  145,000 on-line petitions have been generated and 98 have gotten written responses.  It now takes 100,000 “signatures” to get an official press release style response.

The only true success was the release the White House Beer recipe.

#1  –  Chocolate

Jobs may not be available to the long-term unemployed; the U.S. cattle herds may be dwindling; Automation may be driving away jobs while members of Congress can’t even agree to disagree.  But the true crisis of our society is grossly under-reported   –  the growing shortage of Cocoa.

No cocoa, no chocolate.  The Worlds largest Cocoa groves are in West Africa and growers are switching to more profitable crops.  Cocoa is difficult to grow, picky about weather, and takes many years for new trees to produce.  Watch for chocolate to become more scarce and more expensive.

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Bloomburg Businessweek 2/4 – 2/10/13

Top 5

#5   Living in Rural Utah you see things differently ,not like Singapore where you have to wrestle with the other 20,182 people per sq. mile to see the landscape; or Israelites with 967 people per square mile.  Garfield County, Utah doesn’t even have one whole person per sq mile.

#4   Chinese New Year ushered in the year of the Black Water Snake.    Behind-the-scenes talks, secret negotiations and clandestine activity will bring unexpected changes to our lives.  Things are not what they seem in a Snake year but the real snakes of the high desert aren’t that secretive.  They delight in the heat of the sun and don’t attack unless frightened.  The cattle that graze on the Grand Staircase pretty much ignore them, but the drought has impacted their ability to find feed as well.  The US beef cattle herd is at its smallest size since 1952.  Looks like we’ll be eating Pork, Chicken, Turkey and lots of vegetables – at least if we want to stay within our budget.

#3   Oops – remember the Dodge Dart?  Chrysler hoped so – but they tried to sell it to a generation that didn’t – and it’s still a Fiat in a Toyota World

#2   The growing discussion on road conditions and alternative energy autos has Governors concerned that “…Americans are driving more miles yet using less gas, thanks to more fuel-efficient cars”  This results in less gas tax revenue and the Governor of Virginia would like to “put a $100 registration fee on fuel-efficient vehicles.”  More unintended consequences.

#1   Sarah Hepola reviewed the new Simon & Schuster published book “Truth in Advertising” by John Kenney.  Sarah calls Kenney “an amusing writer” and declares “the novel has the frothy feel of a romantic comedy.”  This delightful book about the advertising industry and Super Bowl Sunday ads will add some humor to your day as long as you remember that those in the field believe we need their help because we don’t know “how to live, because life is baffling and strange”.  I’m afraid that logic is lost in our house where we mute all the TV ads.

Until next week.