The Crimson Petal & The White – Review

An historical novel of England and its many houses of ill repute. One Lady of the Night, Miss Sugar, has her special story told when she’s discovered by a wealthy industrialist.

There were three issues I had with the book that made it a difficult read for me. First, the author spent 1/3 of the book in lurid sexual scenes and encounters that really, in my opinion, added little to the overall quality of a great story.

Second, Miss Sugar spends hours following her benCrimson Petalefactor and his wife around in public places and is never noticed? I found that difficult to believe and that made it hard to believe in the other characters.

Third, the author missed an opportunity to introduce Miss Sugar and her mother at the beginning of the story to give the ending more significance.

The ending has been discussed by some of our book club members, and other reviewers as awful. I didn’t mind it. The author really had no place to go except there and he did leave an opening for Book 2. But Book 2 would have to be better organized for me to purchase it.

This long, wordy novel would be a fine check-out for Prime Club Members, but not for your hard-earned dollars, thus I rated it 3 Stars.

Escalante, Utah – The Donut Hole

For the first time in many, many, many weeks, Father Sky has rewarded Mother Earth with moisture in the Escalante valley.  Other places have received more than their share as floods reduce neighborhoods to rubble.  But today is our turn.

The plants are singing Father Sky’s praise as all our landscaping is native plants and I don’t water at all.  So this drink is a gift to very thirsty vegetation.  Purple Sage, Mormon Tea, Rabbit Brush, Russian Sage, Oregon Grape, and Siberian Pea Shrubs provide some shade to join the rocks and provide habitat for the many lizards that have taken up residence.  I was gifted a Native Bear Grass plant –in the Spring – and that’s not the ideal time to plant natives.  They do better when planted in the fall.  So the Bear Grass got a drink off and on all summer and looks like it’s going to make it.

Like many in Escalante, there’s an overabundance of Chipmunks this year.  One friend has captured over 80 and at least 3 squirrels.  We’re at one squirrel and 6 Chipmunks.  Trap and relocate to the great wilds of the Grand Staircase and Dixie National Forest are one solution.  The other is trap and recycle.  I overheard someone in the Grocery Store this past week talking about the Chipmunks eating up their entire garden (and gardens in Escalante are meant to provide for the winter).

Since the Hen and Chicks is neighbor to the Bear Grass they reaped the rewards of getting some extra moisture and is in the process of blooming.  Fun!  The Hollyhocks were doing poorly until there was a small squall about 8 weeks ago.  That provided enough moisture to bloom and go to seed, but the seed pods are small and scattered along the stems.  I’ll share what bounty I have with Friend and “Seed Lady” Harriet Priska. I’ll happily share because her seeds benefit the Native Plant Society Chapter here and they helped me decide what plants to acquire and when to plant.

It’s supposed to rain hard today – we’ll see.  Most times our little basin gets blue skies in the center of the storm.  We call it the donut hole – where the waters from the surroundings hills nourish our little basin and direct rainfall equals 7” a year.  We’ll see.