“Canceling Policies was Built Into Obamacare”

A month or so ago my youngest daughter called,  her insurance company had cancelled her because of Obamacare.  She has some major health issues and getting cancelled was very scarey.  What if she couldn’t get another policy?  Was the coverage the same? How expensive would it be?  Should she just Continue reading ““Canceling Policies was Built Into Obamacare”” »

The Involuntary Widow by Jennifer Reinoehl

It’s always a pleasant surprise when I’m invited to Beta Read a book and it’s almost done.  I’ve done and will continue to read the raw materials of authors who are releasing their work one chapter at a time.  That’s fine, but to get to read through a novel that Continue reading “The Involuntary Widow by Jennifer Reinoehl” »

Another Year Comes To An End

I love the end of the year.  It’s the time we get to sit back and review what we’ve done, both professionally and personally.  That assessment is so vital to our mental health, even the news media partakes. They’ll spend the next few weeks going back and collecting info on Continue reading “Another Year Comes To An End” »