2014 – Who will you be?


Today is a great day to reflect and plan for 2014.  Will you write your book this year?  Will you build a website for your business or self?  What will you set as your priority for the coming year?

That’s what winter is for, not to complain because it’s cold, lonely, dark, dreary, etc.  It’s to provide the opportunity for us to sit quietly and reflect on the past year and what we’d like to change for the coming year.  I’ve always done this for my business life, and now I’m using that same time for my personal life.  What do I want to spend time on this coming year?

First, these are not New Years Resolutions.  These are opportunities I plan to take ahold of and see what I can do based on them.  And writing my blog on a weekly basis is the first priority.  Getting in the habit of a new daily routine is imperative.  So, first few hours in the morning with a fresh brain, write.

Second, I will spend the next 5-6 hours working in my jewelry studio and producing product for our Gallery. If you don’t make money you can’t have a website to have a blog.  I enjoy the creative time to produce beadwoven jewelry and help visitors choose the necklace that enhances who they are the best.

When you have a talent of any kind, use it, take care of it, guard it.  (Sauk)

When you have a talent of any kind, use it, take care of it, guard it. (Sauk)

Third, I’ll spend the next three hours cooking, cleaning, sorting, and working around the little house I so enjoy.  It’s just big enough to enjoy but not too big to have to spend hours and hours cleaning.  In the summer (which doesn’t really start here until Mother’s Day) I’ll spend time planting, trimming, and having potted gardens on the deck.  The rest of the yard is Xeroscaped and doesn’t need water.

Lastly, I’ll spend the rest of the evening with my spouse and best friend.  We tend to sit and read, talk, I’ll knit, or watch PBS.  We keep track of the weather for the tourists that visit each and every day, and bizarre events of the world.  It’s these hours that keep us connected, even though we’re within a stones reach all day every day.

We purchased a “new to us” pickup this winter and plan to take a couple of trips this year when we acquire a travel trailer to go with it.  That gives Tracy a chance to photograph the spots he so enjoys, time for me to make double-wall reed and cedar bark Cherokee baskets while we’re out and about, and a “get away” from the daily routine.

And 2014 will at least start with personal responsibility and giving birth to “new”.  Staying alert to my feelings and above all – being patient.  That’s the most challenging part!  LOL

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”                                                                                               Ralph Waldo Emerson

Until next week!    –  Jana

Garfield County School District, UT – Usage Fees run amuck!!!

When school districts forget about people and become just another government agency they need reminders like this.  I wrote this at the request of Jason Porter.  I hope it helps.
Garfield County School District
Superintendent: ben.dalton@garfk12.org
cc:  Business Administrator: kevin.orton@garfk12.org
cc:  School Board Rep: kenp@scinternet.net
I salute you in your efforts to standardize the building rental policy and procedures in an attempt to obtain fairness and equality.  That works in urban districts where the environments are equal.  It does not work in districts with isolated communities.
Small rural districts have unique challenges because of limited resources, volunteers and funding.  This requires partnerships with cities, businesses, and volunteers.  Escalante has always stepped up to those challenges.
When Fire Station #1 was built in Town Center Park it displaced the “ball park”.  The school district partnered with the volunteers and allowed unused and undeveloped property to be developed for the purpose of a “ball park” for the bantom league.  There was, to my knowledge, no discussion about fees, etc.,  it was a community effort.  When Potato Valley Lions Club donated $750 for materials to build the dugouts, there was no discussion of usage fees.  When the business community donated  time and equipment to level the field, install fencing, and grade an access road, there was no mention of fees.  And when efforts by members of various organizations helped the district lay water pipe for irrigation water, they didn’t ask to get paid.
I believe you need to revisit your decision regarding the excessive, on-going fees that are being proposed for use of the “community field”.  Liability insurance needs to be provided by those using the field, but in good faith the school board needs, in my opinion, to recognize the hundreds of dollars of in-kind work and other funds and allow use of the field by the bantom program for a set amount of time without additional fees.  It should not be forever, but it should be fair.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Jana Hassett,
Past President – Potato Valley Lions Club
Escalante Business Owner