National Family Week

Thanksgiving was always the time we went to Grandma’s house. Over US 395 north to Yucaipa – it only took 120 min, even on just a two-lane highway.

We’d arrive by noon and eat at 2pm. The adults would sit and chat for an hour, then clean up in preparation to consume one of many pies.

The 5 cousins would play board games and pester each other. It was the only time we saw each other because we were the classic have and have-not families we lived in different worlds.

I don’t remember daddy ever attending those gatherings. He never forgave his mother-in-law for a todo the first year he was part of the family, nor momma’s innsistence on moving to Calif. (to be with her parents and brother) from our beautiful home he built for her in Kansas.

But I shall be forever grateful for her being part of my life. She gave me guidance and values when I needed them the most – direct and to the point.

I hope many grandmothers have a wonderful family week.

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