Hospital Waiting.

Knitting keeps my life from unraveling!

I’ve spent a lot of time waiting at Local Hospitals for surgeries, physical therapy, and other necessary visits.

Yesterday was another one of those events as Tracy went in for back surgery. Lamendectomy/spinal decompression was the procedure, relieve pressure on the spinal cord and Sciatic nerve.

It was all a success. I started and completed another mini-stocking for the Christmas Market and Tracy got cured of the pain.

Mini-stocking for Coal

I only have 11 days to market, but he has 14 days to the next Dr. Appt. To be cleared to drive and 6 weeks before he can go back to full exercise.

It’s supposed to snow tomorrow. I went grocery shopping after bringing him home from the hospital. I’m ready for snow – the peace and quiet and the lack of activities – will give me time to finish up beaded snowflakes and knit stockings.

My life will stay neatly woven together.

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