Values Based Year Ahead!


When the Astrological year begins with the Spring Equinox on Tuesday, it will feature a year of making “value based” decisions – based on our core values.  Do you know what your core values are?

Many of us can’t really define theirs, no one ever helped them develop a value system, but it’s never too late to start.  Building a foundation for which to make choices in your life makes it easier, more plentiful and less subject to strife.

For instance, spending time “keeping up with the Jones’” makes for uncertainty and never knowing your own “enough”.   High School children marching with “enough is enough” posters to signify enough school violence don’t talk about the violence in their own lives from video games and movies.  They don’t speak against  the late-night talk shows that ridicule others and bully those that don’t value what they purport to value.  And while they think “see something, say something” is a noble way to live, they won’t “rat” on their friends.  Which is really “enough”.

I hope you all find your “enough” this year of values.  I hope you think about the 6 core values and choose to find out exactly what that means to you and how you’ll implement them in your lives.  I’ll be living mine –  working on Service to others.  I need to decide who and



From 0 to 130 in 4 weeks.

That can’t be car speeds with 4 weeks as the measure of time.  A good protractor could measure the degrees from 0 to 130, but in 4 weeks?

What about a Goniometer. A goniometer is an instrument that either measures an angle or allows an object to be rotated to a precise angular position.  What makes that worthy of a celebration?  Total knee replacement surgery.  If you haven’t experienced it, you’ve missed a chance to challenge yourself to get fit, get out of pain, and “get back into life”.

For over 2 years I’ve walked with both knees not bending.  The pain from bone-on-bone rubbing and pinched nerves was more than it was worth.  More and more I sat in the truck while Tracy hiked or explored rock hounding sites.  I thought about having something done last year, and then in November Tracy needed open heart surgery to replace his Aortic valve.  Not then!

Then I spent the next 4 months making 5 trips to San Diego from Utah to be with my mom as she slowly faded from Ovarian cancer.  After her passing in April I wandered what was next.  But we had planned a trip around the northwest to visit friends and family, pick up some rock and visit Yellowstone.  That took us three + weeks in August.  Not then!

After that trip I visited a retired Nurse friend and asked if she could recommend any Orthopedic Surgeons in my hometown.  She did and after a review and x-ray in late September, I was in surgery Oct. 10th.  Four weeks later I was learning how to walk, bend my knee, ride a bike, and sleep all night.  Not bad for 4 weeks work.  If not now when?

I was on opioids for 5 days taking 2 a day.  Then dropped back to one a day and hit an emotional bottom.  It was then I realized the impact of Percocet on people (including myself) and stopped taking them.  I switched to Tylenol and healing began anew.

Each week the Physical Therapy team have changed/modified my exercise plan to promote healing in targeted areas.  And each week the surgical site has healed a little more.

At week 4 I can bend that new knee to 130 degrees, making the staff @ the local PT office happy and myself as well. Approaching week 5 and I’m at 132 degrees on the Goniometer scale.  I’m grateful for the staff’s expertise and kindness to push me to heal!

 0 to 130 in four weeks – not bad for an old woman.

Expectations – Pet Nicknmes

I believe pet names can create negative responses and expectations.

I didn’t know how to answer my 93-yr. old mother when she asked me, “How did you get so smart?  If I wasn’t certain she was serious it wouldn’t have hit me so hard, but she was.

She had started calling me “flubadub” when I was about 5 yrs. old.  And she considered me as that my whole life.  That’s when I started thinking about my life and relationships and how nicknames are just another form of bullying. Living up to Expectations was easier with that nickname.

I was a carefree and happy child.  Gullible but loving and tended to believe what people told me.  When my older sister got me to try and put salt on a bird’s tail she started calling me “birdbrain”.  I carried that one around for at least 15 years.



In High School I was the tallest person in my class.  I had a green dress I loved and wore green tights with it.  Yes, I became the jolly green giant.  At first, I was sad, then I wore it just to be different.  Just to give them a reason to call me names.  At least I was in control of them.

But when my dad treated me with love and respect and called me “Pal” it didn’t take but a second to know who I’d “pal up with” at a moment’s notice.  I was fortunate to carry that one around for life – it help offset the others.

But none of that seemed to help answer the question – How did I get so smart and if I wasn’t why was I the sole trustee for the family trust?  She passed on two weeks later and I never got to talk with her about it before that.  But every time I think of “expectations” I think of her question and how hurtful pet names can be.

Why did she have one for me?  Because her Aunt had one for her and she still resented it 75 years later.  She was tall and thin, and Aunt Nelle called her “too big”.  Was momma too big because her Aunt’s daughter was short, thin and pale? We’ll never know that one either because Grandma didn’t stand for her daughter and we got much the same.

It was the beginning of generations of “expectations” that shouldn’t have been. Did I pass those on?  I’m not sure.  I called Julie “Lunch bucket” because she was hungry all the  time; she dubbed herself “funny leg” after she rode her bike in front of an oncoming car when she was 12.  And Jennifer?  We called her “spook”, what message did that send?  I met a man in rural Utah several years ago.  His nickname was “Toad”.  What in the name of heaven did he do to deserve that? 

Nicknames can be and are another form of bullying and we should consider them carefully.  Being a ”Pal” or “Sweetheart” is supportive and loving, “birdbrain” not so much.  I guess that’s how I got so smart – or not.