Friday the 13th

For those of us born on Friday the 13th, its a day of magic.

friday the 13th

We start out in fear of terrible consequences and then something magical happens.  We tend to chase rainbows and try to tame birds by putting salt on their tails.  And the whole world is full of magic.  We get nicknames like “flubadub” and “birdbrain”, but we enjoy the sprits of 13 and all it brings.

So for all my Friday the 13th friends, have a remarkable day and use your magic wisely.

Resurrecting Venus – A Perfect Kindle Read

Resurrecting Venus
by Cynthia Occelli
Published by Agape
Distributed by Hay House
ISBN 978-1-4019-4087-4

Resurrecting Venus - Cynthia Occelli

A book, from a woman, for women, about women – that every woman should read!

Cynthia takes the opportunity to write about her own healing and lends her experiences so others may do the same. Her birthrights list is one to post on the fridge and ask yourself every night, “Am I working on these and which one needs the most work?” and then celebrate your achievements.

As she states, “too many of us have grown up without stability, security, or peace. We harbor a baseline state of cautious tension and fear to trust few. This taints our ability to love ourself and others. And loving ourself is key to our happiness and success.”

Cynthia asks herself many questions and suggest you do the same – starting with “Does your self image in your mind and heart include being educted, fun, secure, worldly, loving, successful, kind and empowered?”

There are numerous self-help books on the market, but Cynthia’s is one of the better. Get your copy at Hay House or Amazon – I love my Kindle version. I can search for a word or phrase anytime for my fridge list. Start yours now!

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