I’m Still here –

I see from the date of my last post, it’s been six months since I last wrote to you.  I couldn’t believe it had been that long.  Where did the time go and what have I been doing?

Moab, Utah Arts Show Booth

By the time we went to Moab for the Memorial Day Arts and Crafts show it had been only 90 days since I had the second knee replaced.  In some ways that knee was easier to rehab than the first.  But they were very different.  One would straighten out flat immediately, but it took 5 weeks to get it bend to 130 degrees.  The second knee bent to 120 degrees right after surgery, but it still is reluctant to straighten out to 0. 

That made Moab a real challenge.   Had to wait an extra two weeks before I could be certain I would be able to do the show the end of May.  That delay meant there wasn’t an RV space available in Moab. 500 spaces and they were all sold out.  That meant we had to stay in Green River and drive back and forth the 60 miles one way each day of the show.  Our youngest daughter took her vacation and joined us at the KOA in Green River the second and third days.  And she was there the evening of take down and loaded half of all the equipment into her truck and took it to Green River.  

We loaded everything into the toy hauler the next morning and then went on an excursion down to Capitol Reef and some of our old stomping grounds in that area.  The next morning we came home.  Jennifer was to stay another couple of days and explore Mesa Verde and the ruins and Petroglyphs of that area.  She decided it was too hot and she’d done enough driving, she was ready to return home to Montana. We were so grateful she came down and helped take down the two pop-ups and helped Tracy stowe them in the trailer.  It was the beginning of the decision to stop doing outdoor shows.

June was spent putting together product for the local Folk Art Festival Show.  Another 2-day show in 80 degree weather with pop-ups and heavy equipment.  That time our good friend Glenn came to our rescue and helped take down the booth late Saturday evening.  Even then, as always, we were the last booth to finish loading out.  Too much for two old people, especially in the heat. 

July found us in Logan for another show, outdoors, with all the pop-ups, canopies, concrete anchors, tables, jewelry racks and basket displays.  This time Jennifer drove from Bozeman to Logan, Utah on Saturday. Got there in time to turn the drop-down couch into her bed and then come over to the show and help work the booth, visit the show, and load-out the booth from the Tabernacle grounds by midnight.  Good thing.  Although that show has, literally, hundreds of volunteers to get everyone off the grounds by midnight, it was a challenge.  We got into the RV park around 11 PM and went to bed.  The next morning we went to breakfast, emptied all our booth stuff from Jens truck and she drove back to Bozeman. 

By the time we got back from Logan we had made up our mind, no more outdoor shows that require all that equipment to set up.  In August Tracy had cataract surgery on both eyes, two weeks apart.  He did well and continues to only need dollar store readers. 

My knees continue to work well, the muscles could use some physical activity daily, but there’s still too much stuff in the garage – that’s another post.  In the meantime, Tracy continues to participate in the Rock Club.  I’ve become an active member of the Chamber of Commerce and enjoy just sitting around on Wednesdays knitting with the Fiber Arts Group (although I did lead a basket class in August). The adventure continues.

Art Show Adventures

A trip to Brian Head started out wrong. Getting caught in the paving project at Hwys 12 and 89 put us behind a good 30 minutes.

Then it was carefree vacationers playing bite the bumper that further added to the turmoil. THEN A Much-hyped art event for Cedar Breaks National Monument turned out to be much ado about very little.

All dressed up and nowhere to go?

Absolutely not! A nice young man working the lift at the resort offered a free ski lift trip. I’ve always wanted to ride one but not ski. It was marvelous, and the view superb.

That set us off in a different direction. We left and headed back over the hill to Panguitch for something to eat. A chicken –bacon wrap and root beer hit the spot.

We finished the evening with a stop at Bryce Canyon for popcorn and an hour at the rock shop. Not the plan, but better than the 45 image art sale .