IS – A Hay House Publication Book Review

IS: Your Authentic Spirituality Unleashed

By Faith Freed

Hay House Publication

ISBN: 978-1-4019-3988-5


How Am I?  do you ask yourself that on a daily basis?  You’ll be surprised at the answer that comes to you in silence and inner focus.

Do You Meditate?  Do you try and clear your mind of the enormous clutter that can clog the pipes, create stress and divert your attention from what truly matters?

Do You visit the “here and now” in your mind?

These and other techniqu4es are the focus of Faith Freed’s new book written in her folksy style of a different generation, yet with an endearing quality that makes her feel like a young friend by the end.  She uses various methods to get you thinking about yourself.  What are your desires?  Lead with Love. Give love – volunteer based on your “inspired self”.

As she takes you through her world, inspired and guided by IS, you’ll find many ways to connect with her spirit and the Divine.   She clearly defines her perspective and the practice of spirituality as “an ongoing crative process, because a relationship with the divine is subjective, intimate, and fluid”. She’s not concerned with labels as she is with your inner and mental health.

I enjoyed Faith’s book, although it did take me a little while to get “into” it.  But let your thoughts center around her message and before you know it you’ll be working your way through the exercised and guidelines.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgement of the product that I read in its entirety without compensation.

Second Book of Ten – Book Review for Hay House Publishing

Second Rule of Ten

BTank and Tenzing Part 2y Guy Hendrick and Tinker Lindsay

A Hay House Publication

ISBN: 978-1-4019-4102-4


Some books we read for simple pleasure, some for the message they share.  “Second Rule of Ten” has both, a mystery and life message for any age.

Ten’s second rule continues the story of Tenzing and his cat “Tank”.  He shares his thoughts and fears and what photographers refer to as Venus’ Girdle or the hour of the Seventh Ray, the color of new beginnings – the violet (not purple) band of light at the end of the day.  New moons bring on new beginnings and Ten finds one with his father after many years of resentment.

He struggles with “Unconscious beliefs” where we assume we know what you are going to say and do and attempts to “mentally rearrange fragments of insight . . . into a new quilt of understanding”.  His friends in Tibet help him evaluate what is really important and brings him to a path of forgiveness.

This is a wonderful series of love and hate, joy and sorrow, and Authors Guy Hendricks and Tinker Lindsay remind us “we are all as one, in joy and in grief, in love and in loss”.  David Michie, author of Dalai Lama’s Cat highly recommended Ten’s Second Rule.  I completely agree and look forward to the 3rd.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment of the product that I read in its entirety.


Archetypes – Book Review

By Caroline Myss

Psychology, Inspirational, Health & Healing


Archetypes – might be described as a different approach to defining characteristics and personalities.  Wikipedia defines it several ways, including in Psychology, an archetype is a model of a person, personality, or behavior. is a place where you can answer a few questions and receive a list of those archetypes you match.  With life so confusing these days, many have no sense of who they are and what they like.  Archetypes, the book,  will help you define the answers to the quiz and begin to define who you are.

I read the book and then took the quiz.  Either way works as long as you keep an open mind.  I was characterized as a Caregiver, Intellectual, and Visionary.  There are those that would question those “types” for me and others would agree completely.  However, without the book to give it all further meaning it’s difficult to decide.

Author, Caroline Myss believes we are born with life assignments and they are governed by our archetypal patterns. She calls them “sacred contracts” and that we have a natural network of life – friends and family – that adds to our greater social arena.  She talks about our archetypes coming to us through observations of nature and deep respect for mystical law – with power and constancy not controlled and organized by any earthly politics or theology.    She believes we learn from the laws of nature that life is ordered and ruled by cycles that clearly interact with each other.  This is much like the Animal Spirits of American Indian traditions and beliefs.

You must have an open mind when you read this book and take the test.  Some reviewed it a waste of time and money, but we don’t know where they come from.  A majority of those that received it liked it – And I agree.  Archetypes may be power trends of our times and they may be a natural outcome from ancient families.  Whichever way you believe if you are struggling with identity, consider putting this book in your library. It’s one to have on the shelf for future reference.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment of the product that I read in its entirety.

“Resurrecting Venus” A Book Review

Resurrecting Venus:  A Guide to Love, Work, Motherhood, & Soothing the Sacred Ache.

By Cynthia Occelli

Published by Agape Media International, LLC  –  Distributed by Hay House, Inc.

ISBN:  978-1-4019-4087-4

As a Hay House reviewer, we get to choose which books to read and review.  Picking this book had to have been divinely directed because it is full of wonderful affirmations, support, and guidance.  Cynthia’s ability to share the broken shards of her life and how she pieced it back together is what makes “Resurrecting Venus” such a powerful book.

She shares her story as a way to show how to take the shards of your life and glue them back together not to limp along with the same damaged person – but one that grows and heals by facing reality and taking charge of your life.

Beginning with taking responsibility for the good and bad in your life she offers suggestions on how to confront the nightmares in your closet and begin to guide yourself in a new direction.  “Taking responsibility for your life, the positive and negative, puts you in control of it.  This is where a fulfilling life begins.”  For me, the most powerful chapter “Forgiveness is Freedom” made it clear that the baggage we carry is self-imposed and letting go of the past is not just something nice, it’s the key to being able to move on.

Her writing is clear, concise and powerful. We all carry a life burden we need to shed.  Get Cynthia’s book – I believe you’ll find yourself  Resurrecting your own Venus.  You’ll love the Kindle version and the ability to search for ideas and affirmations.

Full Disclosure – I received this book free from Hay House Publishing for this review. The opinions expressed in this review are unbiased and reflect my honest judgment of the product having read the entire book.


Resurrecting Venus – A Perfect Kindle Read

Resurrecting Venus
by Cynthia Occelli
Published by Agape
Distributed by Hay House
ISBN 978-1-4019-4087-4

Resurrecting Venus - Cynthia Occelli

A book, from a woman, for women, about women – that every woman should read!

Cynthia takes the opportunity to write about her own healing and lends her experiences so others may do the same. Her birthrights list is one to post on the fridge and ask yourself every night, “Am I working on these and which one needs the most work?” and then celebrate your achievements.

As she states, “too many of us have grown up without stability, security, or peace. We harbor a baseline state of cautious tension and fear to trust few. This taints our ability to love ourself and others. And loving ourself is key to our happiness and success.”

Cynthia asks herself many questions and suggest you do the same – starting with “Does your self image in your mind and heart include being educted, fun, secure, worldly, loving, successful, kind and empowered?”

There are numerous self-help books on the market, but Cynthia’s is one of the better. Get your copy at Hay House or Amazon – I love my Kindle version. I can search for a word or phrase anytime for my fridge list. Start yours now!

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