Tweets for Week – May 18th – May 24th, 2015

This is going to be a week of fits and starts. A 92 yr old mother with a broken shoulder who won’t go to the hospital; Our first art festival of the year; Mercury goes retro; and my inner voice tells me to be ready for the unexpected. It will be another week of daily tweet posts versus a story. Maybe that will be the story.

JR Hassett - Wooden RavenMonday – 5/18/2015

#MondayMotivation – Find bliss and keep what brings you joy. Ravens-personable and creative.What animal do you enjoy?

JR Hassett - BrainstormTuesday – May 19th

Today we should brainstorm but watch for knee-jerk reactions. Seeking the different takes courage – as the dragonfly

JRHassett - Dutch Oven Meals#HumpDay – Get outside, smell dinner cooking, write about it. Tell me how the potatoes smell in 100 words.

JR Hassett - Country Fair ElderThursday May 21st

Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.

Twitter Post Week of May 10th, 2015

Sunday – May 10thJRHassett - Mother's Day Flowers 2015

#MothersDay -sharing my flowers with all the Mothers in the world. We are the social conscious & set the standards
JRHassett - Basket ClassMonday – May 11th

Cheer up with something new. Twined bird house class always brings something new, unique & fun to write about

dust stormTuesday – May 12th

The truth can help move everyone along even if it causes a temporary dust up. Maybe not this much, but be creative.

JRHassett - ReflectionsWednesday – May 13th

#amwriting – I opened the door and on the other side was a reflection, but not mine. Creativity is my challenge today

JRHassett - Birdprints - Tread Lightly#TBT – Heavy vibes today. Tread lightly and receive a blessing? I hope it’s a new job for my granddaughter.
Red Rock RainFriday – May 15th

A day to stay fluid & let the water flow it’s raining – good Karma. Sit
beside the stream and take in the inspiration

Tree Man#NewMoon – The Green Man has a story, Can you tell it? Nature Spirits are fun to create and share. Heading to the Moab Art Festival with our jewelry. We’ll post some photos to our Facebook account.