The Bone Feud – Book Review 4/27/2015

Historic Fiction comes in all types of styles, genres and themes.  The Bone Feud is a story of two “Professors” that are in a race to find the most dinosaur bones and get them identified so they can name them.  The true story is fictionalized by adding wonderful characters to Continue reading “The Bone Feud – Book Review 4/27/2015” »

Trade Show Adventure 2013-Part OneMerchandise

Merchandise buying for Gallery Escalante – Summer 2013 Sunday, August 4th, we ventured to Las Vegas to attend the Trade Show.  Found everything on “the list” and only 115 degrees.  Lots of nice $2.95 bracelets and necklaces – some more amber and more copper color chains.  Our hotel had been Continue reading “Trade Show Adventure 2013-Part OneMerchandise” »