The Social Leap

William Von Hippel’s new book. A synopsis was in the March 2019 edition of Discover magazine and is titled “The Happiness Dilemma”.

It’s a short read, but very interesting research on happiness. And it reinforced what we’ve talked about many times here at home – college can make you book smart, but not street smart.

According to Mr. Von Hippel, “people who don’t experience setbacks, failures, and despair are severely constrained in learning how to avoid bad people, and situations, and bad ideas. ” I call them life experiences. And putting people in charge and in control without those life experiences results in unhappiness.

“Learning from plans gone wrong can far outweigh the benefits of success.”

try and read the article if not the book.

MLK Day 2019

For those that honor, celebrate, and remember the works of Martin Luther King, Jr. here’s a link to his Wikipedia Page.

We all have our heros, and his work helped improve lives of blacks around the world. Different cultures have different heros or heroins and we’ll recognize those as we go through the year. If I miss one it may be because I’m not aware of the importance of that person to your culture. I hope you’ll educate me so we can recognize those leaders too

It’s only been 50 years since ML’s great speech, and it will take several more generations to continue the many advancements he started. Education, community involvement, telling Hollywood who you are not who they want to paint you as, is all key to changing lives.

My Heroin is Eleanor Roosevelt. She wasn’t perfect either, but her grace under fire, and willingness to work for improving the lives of working women make her as important to the womens’ movements as MLK is to the Blacks. Besides, she was a knitter.

So enjoy your day as you honor your hero .

Change in Society.

A Harvard press piece about restaurants was ruminating about public eating and the change in that space. It said, in part, “Part of the transformation of daily life wrought by Amazon and online retailing more generally, this hyper-individualization of consumption may bring a new political revolution as well.

I hadn’t thought about it in quite that way, but it certainly reflects the eatery businesses here in Cedar City, Utah

Other than Denny’s, Applebees, Chili’s, and I-Hop, there are only two eateries that are truly “diners”. We have four nice Dinner Houses open for the evening meal but not all day. And we have three eateries that do Breakfast and lunch, but close @2PM.

Other than that, it’s all the Amazon model. Each now has their own “app” you can download on your phone. And pretty soon that 1T. Memory card for my Samsung phone will no longer be an option.

Tracy and I sit and lament the loss of civility, respect and class. But we do appreciate the ability to have a treat delivered when we feel like it, or have a meal ready for pick up at a certain time.

It’s a different world. But we’re glad we were raised to different values. Where permission was more important than forgiveness. It wasn’t easier, but it was more respectful.

Winter is here!

December 2nd and the first snowfall is here.  It’s my favorite time of the year.  The world gets very quiet, the landscape visuals change, and I’m perfectly happy being inside.

It’s a chance to say no to outside activities, write, read, clean, and plan for the new year.  So what’s the plan for 2019?

I’ve taken on some new obligations, and I’m excited about them.  They will get me out into the real world and meeting new people.  I’ve spent the last three years isolated from society and it’s not been fun.  Surgeries, rehab, working on the house and grounds, and not doing what I enjoy.  That will be different in 2019.

I’m on the board for the Frontier Homestead State Park Foundation, and will help them improve their two vendor shows with just a few simple projects.

I’m an Ambassador for the Cedar City Chamber of Commerce and will help with two projects – membership recruitment and the Women in Business Chapter.  

Those, and making product for our Etsy account and the main show for my baskets and bead work will keep me plenty busy for the coming year.  We’ll not be doing any more outdoor shows, and just two indoor (unless there’s another that is worth the time, travel, and expenses).  Our show schedule is on our website.

In the meantime, I hope to start writing on my blog on a more regular basis. Plan is to write for one of the two blogs each week.