Beta Reading

Beta Reading

I joined a Goodreads group called Beta Readers and have had a wonderful time reading for authors as yet unpublished.  I find it extremely rewarding to have an opportunity to help them with their stories.  It’s also very flattering that they would trust me to make suggestions.  In addition, I’m a Beta Reader for Bookkus Publishing.  That also has been a rewarding effort and I will continue to do both.

If you are looking for a Beta Reader, I’m willing to read any YA books.  My preferred adult material is Historical Fiction, Christian Romance and Political.  I only read one book a week as it takes me time to write comments and do the final critique.  If you are interested in having me read you may contact me via twitter at @jrhassett

Please tell me the genre, and your timeline for getting a response.  I would like the book in doc or pdf format.  I’ll convert it for my kindle.

Authors I’ve Read For:

  • Julie Farrell – Driving Me To You
  • Agnes Tovari
  • Nina Berl
  • Alison Ahearn
  • Jennifer Mc Nare – You & Only You
  • Jennifer Reinoehl – The Involuntary Widow
  • Katherine Greyson

I’m currently reading for:

  • No One – I’m taking a much needed break from the time demand and cleaning up loose ends of previous reads.  Email me if you have a request.  JR


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