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The Best of Me
4 of 5 stars

After watching the trailers for the moved based on his book, I felt I’d like to read the book first (especially since I rarely do movies).The story of two people who might have been together but came from different worlds was kind, l…

Camille and the Forever Love: Love, Money.Success, and Murder
3 of 5 stars
I write this review out of kindness, with respect for the feelings of the author,and compassion for her age, life story, and desire to share life experiences.
The book is a simple tale of murder and intrigue but little suspense. We’re dr…
Display of Power: How Fubu Changed a World of Fashion, Branding and Lifestyle
4 of 5 stars
An entertaining read about Daymond John’s life and his rise to fame and fortune. I enjoyed it for a different reason – his descriptions of black culture. That rated it a 4*
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A Kachina Dance
2 of 5 stars

A Kachina Dance started out with lots of information on the Hopi Indians and their beliefs. The Kachina is one of their icons and learning about the various characters depicted is a journey all it’s own.The Kachina brings harmony of g…

The iCandidate
4 of 5 stars

After many years of political activity, I found “The iCandidate” intriguing. Could Mikael Carlson really have written a compelling story about politics that was different that so many others? Oh, yes – and then some.Not only was it a…

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