The Bone Feud – Book Review 4/27/2015

Historic Fiction comes in all types of styles, genres and themes.  The Bone Feud is a story of two “Professors” that are in a race to find the most dinosaur bones and get them identified so they can name them.  The true story is fictionalized by adding wonderful characters to Continue reading “The Bone Feud – Book Review 4/27/2015” »

The Crimson Petal & The White – Review

An historical novel of England and its many houses of ill repute. One Lady of the Night, Miss Sugar, has her special story told when she’s discovered by a wealthy industrialist. There were three issues I had with the book that made it a difficult read for me. First, the Continue reading “The Crimson Petal & The White – Review” »

Before Versailles: Before the History You Know…a Novel of Louis XIV

Before Versailles Karleen Koen writes the life of Louis XIV during a three month period in 1661.  At 22 years of age, he has the opportunity to change the face of the court and its workings by taking charge of departments upon the death of  Cardinal Marzarin.  Although he is Continue reading “Before Versailles: Before the History You Know…a Novel of Louis XIV” »

The Devil’s Queen – A Book Review

By Jeanne Kalogridis ISBN -10:0-32-36843-7 St Martin’s Press   ‘“Madame’, he said gently.  “You and I understand each other well, I think – better than the rest of the world understands us.  You and I see things others do not.  Too much for our comfort.’”  The words of Monsieur de Continue reading “The Devil’s Queen – A Book Review” »