The Boys in the Boat – Book Review 2/2/15

The story of ordinary men doing extraordinary deeds is always enjoyable, but this one is exceptional. From the inclusion of historic events and social values of the times to the details of rowing, the story is so well written you are there with them for every beat of the oars. Continue reading “The Boys in the Boat – Book Review 2/2/15” »

Escalante, Utah – No Change is Change!

In the 11 years I worked for a member of Congress a majority of my tasks was to assist constituents with problems related to public agencies – city, county, state, federal and special districts.  I traveled the district meeting with folks and listening to their problems with these agencies and Continue reading “Escalante, Utah – No Change is Change!” »

Paul Bowmar – He Made A Difference

In 2006 I started attending Escalante City Council meetings because of our need to get permits to modify our commercial building we had purchased.  In March there was a public meeting about the Escalante Health Clinic and its unusable condition because of a fire the previous August.  I offered to Continue reading “Paul Bowmar – He Made A Difference” »


The end of the Lunar calendar and the start of something new.  What will you start new? For me it’s starting my book.  Learning to use Scrivener and working my way through Greart Grandmothers story.  I’d like to  better my communication with my Grandchildren, and continuine to work on  moving Continue reading “12/12/12” »