Learning To Say No!

11 years as a Congressional Field Representative taught me a very valuable life lesson – How to say No! Constituents wanted a speaker, a ribbon cutter, a grant writer, coach, project coordinator, and problem solver. And why not the Congressman’s aide? During those eleven years I helped individuals and groups, Continue reading “Learning To Say No!” »

Garfield County School District, UT – Usage Fees run amuck!!!

When school districts forget about people and become just another government agency they need reminders like this.  I wrote this at the request of Jason Porter.  I hope it helps. Garfield County School District Superintendent: ben.dalton@garfk12.org cc:  Business Administrator: kevin.orton@garfk12.org cc:  School Board Rep: kenp@scinternet.net   I salute you in Continue reading “Garfield County School District, UT – Usage Fees run amuck!!!” »

“Canceling Policies was Built Into Obamacare”

A month or so ago my youngest daughter called,  her insurance company had cancelled her because of Obamacare.  She has some major health issues and getting cancelled was very scarey.  What if she couldn’t get another policy?  Was the coverage the same? How expensive would it be?  Should she just Continue reading ““Canceling Policies was Built Into Obamacare”” »

Control or Leadership?

Control – to exercise authoritative or dominating influence over – to have power over – to direct the behavior of Leadership a process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task” In psychology, Control Freak is a slang term that refers Continue reading “Control or Leadership?” »

Harvest Moon and Sunflowers

It’s been a week that moves us away from Black & White, all or nothing, to thinking and accepting a full spectrum of colors, styles, values and emotions.  World affairs have reflected that as countries agreed on how to deal with a leader that needs supervision from their allies and Continue reading “Harvest Moon and Sunflowers” »