Goodbye My Friend

It was fun watching the Salt Lake City Soccer Team (RSL) play their game in the snow.  The ball didn’t roll away as fast, the players were ever cautious about slipping and getting hurt, and they won their first game since August of 2016.

After the news was over I looked outside and it was snowing here.  The weather man said it would, but it seemed like fiction – it’s April.  But April showers will bring May flowers.  And you know those are for the living. 

As Tracy finishes up fixing the front flower box I need to decide what flowers will live there and what native plants.  It will have water for the hot dry summer days but otherwise they will have to live on what mother nature provides.  That’s what my mother is doing these final days of her life – living off what she has within her and the morphine that smothers the pain from more suffering.  What a terrible way to end one’s life.  Whether you get treatment or not,  it saps your energy, life and spirits.  There’s no sense sending flowers while she’s still with me because she can’t see or smell them.  So I’ll just have to depend on her knowing that I’m with her in spirit. 

I’d plant her favorite pink rose, but the deer with eat them long before the aphids.  And carnations take too much water.  So pink penstemon will be planted in her remembrance.  Pink was her favorite color – she would have loved that 56 carat pink diamond (since she’s an April child) that was just at Sothebys.  She will pass on this week and I will be thankful for the snow.  The peace and quiet it provides as it covers the scars on the earth – much like death.  May you rest in peace my friend.

As for me, I shall begin life again, sine it too has been on hold since August of 2016, waiting for the phone to ring with a strange voice on the other end telling me my best friend has passed on.  I’ll miss her – but I’ll watch for the pink penstemon to bloom each year and remember.

New Moon – Black Moon

Yesterday was a new moon, a black moon because it was the second new moon in one month.  A new cycle begins and a new time to focus on personal goals that express positive energy.

Should we focus on –

  • Work
  • Our budget
  • Our business
  • A special relationship
  • Or just having fun?

We’ll have trick or treaters tonight.  That will be the first time in 20+ years I’ve been in a neighborhood that is conducive to having children knock on our door.  In Bandon, Or. We our home was tucked back behind our commercial building and hidden amongst the huckleberry bushes.  Too spooky and no real neighbors.  In Escalante our home was again behind our commercial establishment and even though there were children nearby, they didn’t know us and didn’t stop to trick or treat.

We have a nice family two doors down now and they still have two children at home.  They plan to come tonight and that will be fun.  Their mom tells us we’ll probably get about a dozen stoppers, and that’s perfect for us.  We’ve got a bowl full of Goldfish treats for whomever knocks.  In addition, I’ve got a special enough basket for each of the girls.  I’ll include my poem and list of what is your enough for each.  It will be fun to see what their costumes are.  I still have the scar on my thumb here the knife slipped cutting a slot for a hobo stick.  We had great fun when my girls were little.  I have a couple of pictures of them dress up for Halloween.

One of those pictures is with the San Diego Chicken.  We lived in Santee, CA at the time and I was a PTA volunteer.  My job was to help with the entertainment for the school Halloween carnival.  The Chicken was brand new and indicated he would love to visit your school.  So, I asked if he would, and he did.  It was a huge success and great fun.  More fun than elections.

Maybe that’s why there’s such a big interest in Halloween, even for adults.  It’s a time you can dress up and pretend to be someone else.  It’s a great distraction from politics and nasty elections.  I’ll be glad when

  • the nasty negative and stupid ads go away;
  • when the Clinton News Network (CNN) goes dark;
  • when the media realizes they’re no longer providing news and need a disclaimer that their report is only for entertainment;
  • and for snow – the weather event that brings peace and quiet.  A few feet would be fine.

Until next time.

New Moon and Walking Stars

Most of my energy and creativity has been focused on our store this past month.  After I got done moving my studio into a more creative space we decided to move the rest of the store around as well.  Now all that’s left is to put out the new merchandise we purchased on our trip the first of January and pickup and install a new sales counter.  It’s a fresh start for us after 8 years of looking at it the same old way.  We hope the customers will enjoy it as well.

For us, that new start begins with today’s new moon.  It brings new energy after the dark of the winter.  With fresh perspectives and new ideas we need to give ourselves permission to see our own starlight.  And we’ve physically done that, now for the spirits to go with.  For me there is nothing to replace the beauty of a star.

Jana Hassett's Intricate Beadwork

Beaded Walking Star

And walking stars help us stay grounded while enjoying their sparkle.  In Escalante you’ll see many walking stars on the side of houses.  They started out in Penn. as barn stars.  Placed on the ends of the barns once the builders got finished, they designated who built them by the style and color of the star.  They developed into a meaning of good fortune for the owner with the hope you’d like the barn and hire them to build one for you.  The beginnings of a trademark/logo.

Metal Walking Stars

I use walking stars in the store to decorate.  They remind me that anything’s possible if you put your mind to it.  When I was much younger I loved Perry Como’s song “Catch a falling star”. Written by Lee Pockriss and Paul Vance, it goes like this –

“Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket,  never let it fade away.
Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, save it for a rainy day.”

Maybe I should bead a walking star for my pocket.  May your days be full of joy and watch for that falling star – it will fill your pocket with light.

Change and Eschatology

The word for this week is transformation.  Change, alter, convert – there’s lots of opportunity to sacrifice your attachment to the past and move forward.  But change is a four letter world for many.  But no change is change as the world marches on without us.  At some point, the “new age” moves on and we choose to stay behind.
Generation after generation face the same choice.  Tracy and I aren’t there yet, we’re still excited by new ways to do things and new products to create and sell,  but my mother is. Teaching her how to play Bridge on her computer 30 years ago was a challenge.  When I finally got her set up she, as always, took it from there.  She upgraded to a better machine, went on-line and eventually figured out she could play live  on-line.
She’s not much into e-mail, but when my stepdad passed away it was a god sent!  After the services and we left she e-mailed me many, many times a day; then 3 times, twice, once a day then once a week.  Slowly she found her way to change her life.  She sold her home and moved into a semi-independent living facility that she chose.  She upgraded her machine again, bought a cell phone and even bought a Kindle.  She’s an avid reader, but soon the cell phone and kindle went by the wayside.  She keeps the Cell phone in the car in case of emergency, but the Kindle sits on the shelf.
She’s changed a lot over the years, but she pretty much ignores the drama in today’s world.  The next “new age” is in the throws of forming.  By 2015 the world will have settled out (or blown itself up) there will be new leadership in the U.S. and time will march on.  Eschatology, another new age, my 90 year old mother will probably nod, smile, pet her dog Joey and go back to her hard-cover books.  She likes it that way.

Harvest Moon and Sunflowers

It’s been a week that moves us away from Black & White, all or nothing, to thinking and accepting a full spectrum of colors, styles, values and emotions.  World affairs have reflected that as countries agreed on how to deal with a leader that needs supervision from their allies and enemies.  My perspective, which is biased because of Vietnam, is one that looks at the families on both sides.  How will war help the fatherless Syrian refugees and the fatherless US soldier families?  How does that feed them and put them through school?  And what does that give the single family parent left to deal with the loneliness, and challenges of raising a child by herself (himself)?  And how does that provide funds for veterans that have sacrificed everything for their country to be sent home and left to their own devices?

So many Hats for Vets have been made and donated to the homeless Veterans living on the street that have PTSD or other mental disorders because of war.  We can spend money on weapons for overseas but we cannot spend it on our mentally ill.  I wish we had all the money donated to Environmental Organizations to spend on the mentally ill.

Sunflower at the Adobe Wall

Since that won’t happen, we’ve worked our way through an August Moon and the September Harvest Moon (and the fall equinox) and the power of summer.  Between the Farmers Market and a friend’s garden I acquired enough vegetables yesterday for soup.  It’ll slow cook today and feed us many nights.  My thanks to all those who spend their time feeding the rest of us.  As the Sunflowers dot the landscape and the Festival of First Fruits brought families together to celebrate the Corn Tree, their giver of life, we make and give yellow dishrags as gifts of thanks.

My husband knows how I love Sunflowers so he recently created this image and gave it to me 16 x 20 for my kitchen Sunflower collection.  He’s a keeper.  You can see his work at