You Can Create An Exceptional Life – by Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson 

 October 19, 2012

By  Jana Hassett

Grab hold of this wonderful little book and prepare to spend time with two delightful people as they share their hearts and souls with each other and us.  The  give and take between two professionals demonstrates how we can help others and ourselves move toward emotional and spiritual well-being through the use of affirmations.  Ultimately, they are teaching us ways to improve our relationship with ourselves.  For learning to love and appreciate ourselves opens the door to others – including those we think we dislike.

It was so nice to read about other folks that talk to themselves, their cars and the mirror.  Louise Hay shares many of her affirmations she uses in her life in order to show Cheryl how to get a hold on her life.  She is the perfect example of how affirmations change the tones you hear and speak by speaking positively of herself and her world.  As she stated, “if people get a hold of their day, they get a hold of their life”.  Wonderfully said.  And the unique way Cheryl tells their story gives the examples root to grow in your own garden of life.

This should be in your home and/or office library – available to remind you of how much you love yourself.  Read the book, practice self-care, and learn the joy of loving yourself.

Full Disclosure –  As a volunteer reviewer for Hay House, I was provided a copy at no cost, but my reviews are not for sale.  You can trust that what I wrote is how I feel after having read the entire book.

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