December 12, 2012

By  Jana Hassett

The end of the Lunar calendar and the start of something new.  What will you start new?
For me it’s starting my book.  Learning to use Scrivener and working my way through Greart Grandmothers story.  I’d like to  better my communication with my Grandchildren, and continuine to work on  moving on.  I’ve been doing retail work for 53 years (next June) and I’d like to be done with that part of my career by June of 2013.  It’s been a wonderful experience but standing around the store is really beginning to take it’s toll physically.  I’m grateful the floors are not concrete or it would be worse.
In the meantime, I’m busy making new jewelry for the coming tourist season.  Petrified Wood, gemstones, sandstone, Fossils, and whatever else I can find that might appeal to buyers.  But my passion remains in bead weaving.  Taking little seed beads and weaving them together to make a pattern, spell out a name, or create a piece of jewelry that looks and feels like fabric.  I like to find old shoe buckles and make them into bracelets.  I also like to create small pictures with the beads.  It’s not as easy as counted cross stitch because there aren’t as many colors available.  Sometimes you have to modify the color scheme but it’s still a fun challenge.  You can see some of the weavings at www.copperraven.com.
As for the writing, well it’ll probably appear here slowly.  We have to travel in January for the trade show run to buy product for the store so I think I’ll do some travel writing and post some pictures.  It will keep me writing.
Have a safe and loving holiday and a prosperous New Year.

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