The Voice – Changes Needed 

 December 20, 2012

By  Jana Hassett

I have enjoyed many of the songs that have been presented during the past three seasons of The Voice.  In addition, learning about the contestants gives them a separate identity that we can usually relate to.  This season they changed things around a little and mostly I felt it all worked well.  Until the voting was people’s choice only and then it became a personality contest.
The judges became marginalized with their lack of a say in the final outcome.  And two of the judges didn’t have any contestants in the final 3.   At that point it became the Blake Sheldon Show.  I’m not unhappy about that, but it certainly didn’t leave much of a role for Adam or Christina.
So here’s what I’d like to see Carson do differently next season:
  • The background band is very good, but too loud.  Many of the songs the artist is screaming to get louder – at least on my TV
  • The coaches should have a vote in the final four process (somehow)
  • The quality of the contestants voices becomes secondary behind popularity.  Some way is needed to factor in coaches opinions.
  • I think the steal worked well.  It caused ythe coasches to pay attention to all the contestants in case they wanted to steal.
  • I-tunes scoring for the top ten should be factored in but 3 times?  And it should be only for the current weeks performances.
  • The website allows people to vote without end.  Even though they say you only get 10 votes per person, it continues to take votes for as long as you want to sit there and vote.  Are the votes being tallied?
  • The order of the contestants on the website should be alphabetical by last name.  There were several contestants that suffered being on the bottom of the page every week and others had the top of the page every week.
  • Backroom Christina needs some guidance on her comments and tweets.  I did not think it was appropriate that she asked people if they had voted for a certain contestant.
  • Carson, you sway voters by whether you hug a contestant or not after their performance.  All or none please.

I’ll be interested to see how the new judges fit in and what they bring to the mix  Until then – – –

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