January 9, 2013

By  Jana Hassett

Is Vivitar  really as bad as Polaroid?  I’m not sure at this point, but I do know I wasn’t at all impressed with their customer service standards.  Evidently Vivitar owns Polaroid? – since the bankruptcy of the original company.  We’ve been trying to get Polaroid to stock us with camera accessories for the past two trade shows.  At least this year I understand they won’t be responding and that’s better than the unfulfilled promise of last year.

We needed a price list and some basic company buying information and we stood around for 15 minutes in the Polaroid booth while the mid-executives chatted.  Tracy finally asked for some help and they found us a sales rep.  But she couldn’t give us a price list.  “Can you give us some prices on Point and Shoot Polaroid Cameras?”  No , that’s not part of Polaroid and they didn’t send a sales rep to the show but you can get the information at the Vivitar booth because they own it?”  Really!!

Okay, so we went down the hallway to the Vivitar booth.  We sat for almost 20 minutes waiting for someone to talk with us.  The clerks offered us water but no one else spoke to us before we left.  Obviously, we won’t be offering Polaroid products in the store this year.  But we will be offering a nice line of Circular Polarizer’s, lens caps, point and shoot cameras, battery chargers, and several misc. items including small packable tripods from another company.

We found almost all the products we wanted, walked most of the show and we’re ready to move on to the Rock and Gem Show in Quartzsite – until then we’ll leave the 240,000 people at this convention to enjoy long lines, crazy traffic and 3,240 booths.  Yikes!  It generates $20.3 million dollars for Vegas each year.

Later –

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