Harvest Moon and Sunflowers 

 September 15, 2013

By  Jana Hassett

It’s been a week that moves us away from Black & White, all or nothing, to thinking and accepting a full spectrum of colors, styles, values and emotions.  World affairs have reflected that as countries agreed on how to deal with a leader that needs supervision from their allies and enemies.  My perspective, which is biased because of Vietnam, is one that looks at the families on both sides.  How will war help the fatherless Syrian refugees and the fatherless US soldier families?  How does that feed them and put them through school?  And what does that give the single family parent left to deal with the loneliness, and challenges of raising a child by herself (himself)?  And how does that provide funds for veterans that have sacrificed everything for their country to be sent home and left to their own devices?

So many Hats for Vets have been made and donated to the homeless Veterans living on the street that have PTSD or other mental disorders because of war.  We can spend money on weapons for overseas but we cannot spend it on our mentally ill.  I wish we had all the money donated to Environmental Organizations to spend on the mentally ill.

Sunflower at the Adobe Wall

Since that won’t happen, we’ve worked our way through an August Moon and the September Harvest Moon (and the fall equinox) and the power of summer.  Between the Farmers Market and a friend’s garden I acquired enough vegetables yesterday for soup.  It’ll slow cook today and feed us many nights.  My thanks to all those who spend their time feeding the rest of us.  As the Sunflowers dot the landscape and the Festival of First Fruits brought families together to celebrate the Corn Tree, their giver of life, we make and give yellow dishrags as gifts of thanks.

My husband knows how I love Sunflowers so he recently created this image and gave it to me 16 x 20 for my kitchen Sunflower collection.  He’s a keeper.  You can see his work at tracyhphotography.com.


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