Change and Eschatology 

 October 28, 2013

By  Jana Hassett

The word for this week is transformation.  Change, alter, convert – there’s lots of opportunity to sacrifice your attachment to the past and move forward.  But change is a four letter world for many.  But no change is change as the world marches on without us.  At some point, the “new age” moves on and we choose to stay behind.
Generation after generation face the same choice.  Tracy and I aren’t there yet, we’re still excited by new ways to do things and new products to create and sell,  but my mother is. Teaching her how to play Bridge on her computer 30 years ago was a challenge.  When I finally got her set up she, as always, took it from there.  She upgraded to a better machine, went on-line and eventually figured out she could play live  on-line.
She’s not much into e-mail, but when my stepdad passed away it was a god sent!  After the services and we left she e-mailed me many, many times a day; then 3 times, twice, once a day then once a week.  Slowly she found her way to change her life.  She sold her home and moved into a semi-independent living facility that she chose.  She upgraded her machine again, bought a cell phone and even bought a Kindle.  She’s an avid reader, but soon the cell phone and kindle went by the wayside.  She keeps the Cell phone in the car in case of emergency, but the Kindle sits on the shelf.
She’s changed a lot over the years, but she pretty much ignores the drama in today’s world.  The next “new age” is in the throws of forming.  By 2015 the world will have settled out (or blown itself up) there will be new leadership in the U.S. and time will march on.  Eschatology, another new age, my 90 year old mother will probably nod, smile, pet her dog Joey and go back to her hard-cover books.  She likes it that way.

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