The Involuntary Widow by Jennifer Reinoehl 

 November 10, 2013

By  Jana Hassett

It’s always a pleasant surprise when I’m invited to Beta Read a book and it’s almost done.  I’ve done and will continue to read the raw materials of authors who are releasing their work one chapter at a time.  That’s fine, but to get to read through a novel that keeps me entertained, and has the ability to put the reader inside the story so easily –  My hats are off.  There were a few typos and a couple of grammar stumbles in the first chapter, after that it just sings along.  It was hard to believe I had started Jennifer’s book at 8PM and read through until 2:00 AM without making notes, trying to figure out what the author expected of me (the reader), or needed help doing a rewrite.

The Involuntary Widow is a wonderful adventure into early English mores and customs.  It reminds us of what acceptable social behavior was and a woman’s place.  The simple Christian love story is clean, fun, and full of hope.  The devine plan of their lives weaves together many strong yet kind souls.

A great summer afternoon or winter evening read.   4 Stars!!!

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