Mothers Day -2014 

 May 11, 2014

By  Jana Hassett

Mothers’ Day is really Grandmother’s Day. A time for all women to rejoice in their achievements and reflect on their choices. A day to show respect for the role women play in society and the impact they have on the many lives around them.
Grandmothers are:

  • – the key to a decent life
  • – the backbone of society
  • – the stalwarts of decency and respect
  • – the social consciousness of the world.

Tribal cultures around the world have always honored and respected their elders and inappropriate behavior was rebuked by Grandmothers. Mother’s were too busy doing the chores and tending to fathers to have time to discipline. Multi-generational households were the norm and privacy was rare, even in the bathroom. Grandmothers spent their days caring and sharing and Mother’s learned their job as the future generation of Grandmothers by watching their mothers.  We don’t have those environments in today’s world.  So many mothers have no role models, no help and no mentor.

It’s a huge responsibility to be a mother and if you’re a single parent, even more so. You have chosen to take responsibility for raising the next generation of leaders. Those individuals that will grow to be “in charge” and shape the future of our countries. And most of all, to be the next generation of Grandmothers – the guardians of our values, the keeper of our hearts, and the protectors of our customs.

Mother’s Day was created in 1914, to honor those that spent every waking moment caring, sharing and educating their offspring. 100 years later, Grandmothers are still the most important factor in our society. So to my Mother I thank you for your care and love. But to my daughters I send my love and respect for the fine jobs you have done raising the next generation of leaders. May your days as Grandmothers be enjoyable ones.


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