Envy – not for me! 

 July 10, 2014

By  Jana Hassett

Thoughts pop into my mind at the oddest times. Sitting at the breakfast counter eating cereal this AM I thought about my friend that will be undergoing a double mastectomy the end of July. She went through radiation and chemo the first round. The form of breast cancer she had was so difficult they gave her the most they could so that she isn’t eligible for more this time – it’s been 4 years. She’s gone through a tremendous amount of pain and agony with this disease and I don’t envy her. But I used to.

When I first met her , years ago, it seemed she had the world by the tail. A wonderful old family home, plenty of financial resources, a tribe of their own successful children and grandchildren, and their faith. They appeared to be the ideal family and, yes, I was envious of what appeared to be absolute bliss. My life was a version of David and Goliath compared to hers. And then I got to know them over the years and I wouldn’t trade lives for all the tea in China.

We come from two distinct worlds and the comparisons are stark. She’s an educated certified teacher and I graduated with a degree in HK&E – Hard knocks and Experience. When I started comparing the other elements of our lives, it’s the contrasts that make us friends. And it’s those same contrasts that make me appreciate the life I have.

I have my own physical ailments, and probably won’t live to be 80, but I haven’t gone through what she has, and I don’t envy her that. I’ll take my arthritis, bad kidneys, and migraines any day compared to cancer. I’ve been blessed with two great daughters and two great grandchildren. I’ve been blessed with a myriad of experiences and lots of hard knocks. But they’ve made me stronger, and they’ve made me realize how blessed I am.

Until next time.

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