Pinch Me – Book Review 8-18-14 

 August 18, 2014

By  Jana Hassett

Pinch Me: How Following The Signals Changed My Life
by Bernadette Logue

“There is freedom and inner power in knowing your true self.” And Bernadette finds that in her journey learning to believe in herself and trust in the synchroncity that occurs every day in every life – if you’re listening. You know, that little voice you ignore most of the time? Once you start listening to it and following it your life will be immensely better.

Pinch Me is Bernadette’s story of how she began to listen, and how it changed her life. We all have the opportunity to experience these events if we pay attention. And sometimes, new people come into our path, or people already known to us will show up at a particular time, because they are part of the “signal”. These are people that form part of the intricate web that has been woven in reaction to your beliefs, thoughts and feelings.

For “sympathy cravers”, those that experience negative cycles in their day-to-day lives – when little things are turned into dramatic disasters that are shared with anyone who will listen, their thoughts need to be re-focused to positive thoughts, for sending negative signals gets you negative results.

Bernadette experienced a positive refocus to her life when she began to send consistent positive thoughts and she got consistent positive results. She set her goals in life, which made her intentions clear. She found that “…with an open mind and heart, you can learn things in the most unexpected places, from the most unexpected people.”

I enjoyed her prose and writing style. It’s easy to read and heartfelt. Definitely worth the price of admission!

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