Maiden Voyage 

 December 2, 2014

By  Jana Hassett

I used to have a check list in the RV for what should be there and what needed to be loaded each trip. I can tell I’ll have to go back to that model.

We’re home after 7 days of trailer life. It’s been 8 years since our last trip and, like any sport, the needs and quirks come back to us quickly. We were so organized (or so I thought) when we departed for San Diego. This was the maiden voyage and we’d be in a major city so we could acquire whatever we forgot. With the trailer loaded, the mail on hold, and the buildings double locked we departed.

We tried to take advantage of the “vacation watch” the local police offered, but the folks at City Hall knew nothing about it. We were given his phone number to call and arrange it with. It was vacation week so he wasn’t on-duty. Off we went.

Tracy hadn’t worked with this type of trailer hitch before, so after 1 1/2 hours of beating, jumping, rattling and swearing, he finally got it loose enough to hook up.Jerking the truck back and forth worked the best.

Finally in Cedar City, we stopped at the dollar store for the items I knew we needed to fill the cupboards – measuring cups, plastic travel mugs, can opener, etc. Too bad we hadn’t tried to have lunch first. We woul have discovered I left the trailer cutting board on the counter in the house. Or that my “list” didn’t include a sharp knife. And that Tracy had left himself open for constant frustration – he left his pocket knife in his other pants. When we got into St. George, Ut we stopped at Harbor Freight for a tarp for when we got home. Big lots was right next door, a set of cheap knives and a small plastic cutting board was added to the drawers.

Now, we’re set. Off to Overton, NV for the night. We’d fiddled around so long we’d never make the planned destination of Henderson. Good thing there was a Maverick store right across the street from the RV park – we forgot to think about a water hose.

After a simple meal of soup and salad it was off to bed. It got down into the 20’s so the quilt was a great idea. Unfortunately, it was the one Grandma made me and was made for a narrow bed. In order for it to cover both of us from side to side we had to turn the short way head to feet. The quilt doesn’t cover your shoulders. I about froze to death the first night and got up and got sweats on. Tracy got to share that experience on the return trip. A different quilt is already on the bed for the next adventure.

The RV park in Overton was still open by 4 minutes going to San Diego it was closed on the return trip. When we got to the Viejas Indian Reservation Campground, Ma-Tar-AWA (which means house in the open) the office was closed and the security gate locked. Luckily another RVer went through and we followed to our reserved spot. It was earthen, uneven, and Tracy hadn’t brought enough blocks to put the trailer up on one end to get it level. Tilt the first night, but he got it fixed in the morning light.

Showing respect for the last living elder (my mom) felt good and was the right thing to do. We always went to Grandmother’s house for Thanksgiving growing up and it was wonderful to be able to do it now. It’s been many years since I had and having celebrated her 91st birthday last spring I knew it was time once again. I didn’t feel in my 60’s until I ran up and down the trailer steps for 7 days. I was glad to get back to level ground and my own bed.

All in all, it was a great trip. We talked a lot, read a lot, planned for our next adventure and generally enjoyed being retired from retailing. Now if we can get ourselves put together for online and on-the-road selling we’ll be set. and we’ll also be better prepared next trip, including a check list.

—– until next time.

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