Be Careful What You Ask For! 

 October 19, 2015

By  Jana Hassett

My world has been upside down and inside out for the past almost 60 days (my goodness it feels longer than that) A local business offered to purchase our home and we said yes. Wow, how to set your life in a diferent direction in a hurry.

Paper work, agreements, contracts, CPA’s, bankers, how to move, where to move, when to move, and the list goes on and on. Part of it is done. The house is sold, the money in the bank and now the task of finding somewhere to move to and back to paper work, agreements, etc.

We have a wonderful realtor that isn’t local so I email or text her of a house we’d like to see and she makes arrangements with other realtors for us to go in. I took time to go back on our text message chain and found we’ve looked at too many houses in the past 60 days to count and we’re back to the house we started with. In the meantime we’ve tried to see several but were sold just before we got there. One was in a neighborhood where the hillside has caused the ground to move and the houses also. We looked at a great ranch property, but missed that one by hours. We looked at another ranch style home but needed $20,000 worth of water damage repair. We looked at a house where the garage and shop were wonderful but the modular was from the 1990’s early mode with the paper-thin walls and short ceilings. We’ve driven the neighborhoods so many times we have a much better understanding of the towns and rural areas than ever before. And we are back at the house we started with.

And then we looked at a wonderful little stick-built house with a great view and minimal repairs. And now we’re in a bidding war with several other buyers. We should know our fate by Thursday of the coming week. Hopefully we’ll have one or the other of the two houses under contract and can move on with our plans. Especially since we have to be out of our house by December 31st and we have to be in Quaztsite by Jan. 1st.

I’m excited to have all this done with and know our fate. But getting into these situations always reminds me “Be careful what you ask for”.

Until next time………

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