Too Much Stuff!! 

 December 14, 2015

By  Jana Hassett

It’s snowing and I love the peace and beauty of a good snow, but then I don’t have to go out in it.  I usually plan on having #enough to get through until the roads are clear and driving is good.

We’re almost completely out of the house we sold and have our stuff in storage until Spring, 2016. The trailer is starting to get full of our needed items for a month or two on the road, and I’m beginning to think about what I’ll need to get though the long days of sitting and doing a booth at the swap meet in Arizona for a month.

As I envisioned the setting I realized I won’t have a work table, so we’ll add the purchase of a TV tray table to the list. We already have our outdoor rocking chairs (Arizona recliners) and the generator to keep the battery powered (and the laptop). Now, what projects do I want to work on?  Miniature baskets.  I’m taking my 1/8” oak, ash, hickory and pine to weave into miniature baskets.  I want to try one to fit the glass hot air balloon blown glass a fellow artist is working on.

I can’t do any beading because of the wind.  And the rain will impact what we do.  The 90 day forcast for that area predicts average temperatures but above average precipitation.  That may make a mess of the whole month.  Hard to say.

I’ll mail my mother’s Christmas card on Saturday.  She has no idea we’re planning to be with her the second week of January.  I want it to be a surprise (she doesn’t get many these days, at least not good ones).

Today is clean out the pantry day and remove all food items we won’t either eat in the next 7 days or put in the trailer.  Some will go to Harriet and some to the food bank.  That will be the majority of the stuff to be gone through.  From there it will be just move all the misc. into storage.  Too much stuff.

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