Winter Knees 

 April 26, 2018

By  Jana Hassett

After a long winter nursing new knees, I’ve popped up on the other side. Six months of pain, rehab, and time to think have reminded me of how blessed I am.

  • I’m no longer in constant pain. My back doesn’t hurt. I sleep well and wake up ready for the day.
  • I had first-hand experience with Opiods and realize how dangerous they are.
  • I have a spouse who stayed by my side every step of the way I can’t imagine getting through it without him.
  • We have a wonderful home and our flowers are blooming. The Lilacs are ready to burst forth, the Phlox are in full bloom, the Forsythia survived the winter cold, and we’re about to tackle the rock wall flower bed with more natives.

 It will take us several years to complete all the projects around the yard, but whatever time we have we’ll enjoy in many ways.


The White Crowned Sparrows tried to take over the patio awnings for nests in the corrugated spaces. Petrified wood pieces make great corner fillers and are too heavy for them to move. It wouldn’t be bad, but the amount of bird poop is bad. Tracy did get one Birdhouse done for the fence. He’ll do more when he gets the table saw out for other projects.

We’ll start getting the new trailer ready for this year’s travels next week.. We’ll post some photos as we go.

Until then – – –

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