MLK Day 2019 

 January 16, 2019

By  Jana Hassett

For those that honor, celebrate, and remember the works of Martin Luther King, Jr. here’s a link to his Wikipedia Page.

We all have our heros, and his work helped improve lives of blacks around the world. Different cultures have different heros or heroins and we’ll recognize those as we go through the year. If I miss one it may be because I’m not aware of the importance of that person to your culture. I hope you’ll educate me so we can recognize those leaders too

It’s only been 50 years since ML’s great speech, and it will take several more generations to continue the many advancements he started. Education, community involvement, telling Hollywood who you are not who they want to paint you as, is all key to changing lives.

My Heroin is Eleanor Roosevelt. She wasn’t perfect either, but her grace under fire, and willingness to work for improving the lives of working women make her as important to the womens’ movements as MLK is to the Blacks. Besides, she was a knitter.

So enjoy your day as you honor your hero .

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