Week In Review – 5/16/21 

 May 20, 2021

By  Jana Hassett

Week In Review 5/16/21

Getting old, some weeks the overnight trips to Henderson, Nevada take a toll.  It takes a couple of days to regenerate energy and a smile.  Other times not so much.  I’ve discovered it’s the amount of energy I use.  If I sit the entire trip it takes longer to renew.  If I get out and walk, even if it’s just around the shopping center where the classes are held, I’m not near as tired.  Note to self – walk more.

Wednesday was the second quarter Economic Review Breakfast, sponsored by the Cedar City Chamber of Commerce.  Both speakers were excellent and I’ll be sharing there talks on my other website.

Thursday was heavy winds, dusty landscapes, and a lovely 70 degrees.  But the Spinners and Weavers luncheon was cancelled.  It’s held outside in a nearby city and was not going to be conducive to sitting outside with spinning wheels, inkle looms, and basketry.

Triangle Earrings

We did mail off a special order to Bozeman, and stopped by the Museum to make sure Copper work was going to be okay for Tracy to demonstrate Friday and Saturday.  He’ll be by himself on Friday so I can get my presentation written for next Wed. class.  I’ll join him on Saturday.


I’m back into basketry and enjoying it after several years away from it.  My plan is to have 40+ baskets completed for the SURC Rock Show in October.  Those will have gemstone accents.  Then another 12 made of hemp, twine, reed, and cording for the air plants I ordered today.  Should make for a nice variety for the show.  I won’t have time to make more for the November show, but that’s okay.  I’m going to concentrate on liquidating beads and findings at that show.  I hope books, bags, and baskets will be sold out by then.

Until next week - - -

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