Enjoying treasures of the American West


Tracy and I have traveled the American West every winter for the past 20 yrs. visiting the many wonders of the geologic landscape.

Many of those dreary Oregon January days were spent in the deserts of Nevada and Utah.  Hunting for unique landscapes and historic mining towns afforded a treasure trove of photographs.  Hours of research on historic sites helped paint a picture of the explorers and risk takers seeking a better life.

You’ll find links to posts here that provide places to Explore and Photographs from those adventures. In Eastern California and Nevada, we explored mining districts and unique geologic formations.  Death Valley, Alabama Hills and Joshua Tree provided the unique landscapes.

Bodie, Austin and Pioche told the story of mining, gambling and life in Rural America.

We recently had the opportunity to visit Butte, Montana.  Another mining town with a unique history and more mines than I’ve ever seen in one town.  I’ll add to the post when I get done with my research.

National Parks, scenic byways, rivers, mountains, slot canyons and Alpine Meadows will add to the collection of photos you can see in the Gallery.

Have a question about traveling the west?    Fill in the form and we’ll respond as best we know.  

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