I love a ribbon cutting

One of my favorite things to do is help people with their projects. Whether it’s a Fire Station, Health Clinic, or Historic District, ribbon cutting is the most satisfying outcome I can imagine. While I’ve lived in Escalante I’ve gotten grant monies for the Fire House, the original clinic, the Continue reading “I love a ribbon cutting” »

T-Mobile – Please Port My Phone

After many calls, emails, and letters, I think I understand why T-Mobile won’t agree to port my phone number, even though Congress says it shall and the small phone company who has the number can’t refuse and doesn’t have an exemption. Problem: I live in a remote section of southern Continue reading “T-Mobile – Please Port My Phone” »

Hole-In-The-Rock Foundation Trekking Permit

Public Comment is being accepted by the Monticello BLM office on the request by the HITR Foundation to allow trekking along the road and trails within the GSENM.  These are non-invasive, controlled adventures that should be allowed.  I submitted my comments (below) and hope all goes well. “I am writing Continue reading “Hole-In-The-Rock Foundation Trekking Permit” »