I love to Write!

I hope you’ll enjoy reading what I pen about a variety of topics. Starting with life in Rural America. I’ve lived in and owned businesses in several small rural towns. If you’ve never lived in Rural America, I hope to enlighten you and provide my vision of them after 69 years of life.

Included in that discussion is life in Utah. Our home for the past 12+ years has been in a Mormon Village. Starting with Escalante to our current location in Enoch, we’ve been blessed with the opportunity to see life from a different viewpoint. Some of the people were just acquaintances and others ended up being best friends. We’ll talk about those folks and their way of life from our view.

With our involvement in the local communities, I’ve had the opportunity to work with elected officials, community leaders and voters. Many of the issues important to citizens can be especially important to the business community. You’ll find writings about the communities and their politics sprinkled throughout my blog.

Every winter during the 20+ years we’ve been together we’ve spent several weeks in the winter traveling. Tracy spent 12 years as a professional photographer specializing in landscapes of the Western U.S. You’ll find some posts about Armchair Travels and see many of his photographs in the Gallery.

I’m in the process, albeit a slow one, of researching historical information and photos to write a Historical Fiction based on my grandmothers. Both maternal and paternal, I’ll post the various stories that will make up the book for you to enjoy. Feel free to comment if there’s something you think I should change.

And last, but not least, is my daytime job of basketry and beadwork. We travel to various shows during the year and of course photograph on our adventures. But I sell my miniature baskets twined of waxed linen and other materials. The lidded baskets are #Enough Baskets and tell the story of the 8 Spokes of Life. You’ll be able to view those I’ve made in the past in the Gallery, and I can email you pictures of current offerings for sale. I hope to create a children’s picture book in 2018 that tells Grandmother’s Story of #Enough.

In the meantime, please feel free to comment, email, or tweet your thoughts and ideas. Giving you food for thought and baskets for joy is my pleasure.