Budget Your Time? 

 January 27, 2013

By  Jana Hassett

Redbookmag.com has a nice short article by Christina Breda Antoniades on making a “time budget”.  During my years as a Congressional Aide, time was my most valuable asset.  There was never enough of it and it’s misuse was very expense – late night work catch-up and work all weekend.

Now, at 64, I find time is still my most valued asset (besides my husband).  I want to write every morning while my brain is fresh.  I need to open our Gallery/Gift Shop at 9AM.  There’s Jewelry to create, sales to record, merchandise to stock, cleaning, government reports to finish and the list goes on.  And at 64, I don’t multi-task near as well.  Sigh!

Christina’s brief but succinct “daytimer” reminded me of the value of “budgeting time”.  I used to do it very well, what happened?  Last year I felt behind the 8 ball all the time .  Why do I have to plan every part of my day?  At my age I should be retired and do what I want.  Instead I’m just tired and not doing anything I want.  I fought using my old habits all the way.  I did it all those years and I don’t want to.  Yet, I want to write; I want to read; I need to run the store; I need to make more jewelry because I enjoy it; I like knitting hats and giving them away; I need to clean the house; I need to do the laundry;  I need to budget my time.  Ick!

But, if I want to do all those things and get the things done I have to do I need to budget my time  It wasn’t hard to fall back into the habit, especially when I want “me time”.

So here’s my days –

  • 7-830 AM write
  • 8:30 – 9  get ready for work and plan dinner – including getting the slow cooker on
  • 9-Noon –  Beadweave and make jewelry – husband takes care of customers and makes lunch
  • Noon – 4PM  Do whatever needs doing in the store (consult list from night before to be sure I get it all done – dust, stock, reports, internet orders, etc and wait on customers
  • 4-6 PM  run errands, make dinner and clean up
  • 6-bedtime – Husband time, talk, read – In the season the store is open until 8PM so I’ll go back in and help him or do laundry because we’re open 7 days a week.

Just before bedtime I’ll write out 6 projects – both work and home – that need attention the next day.

When the store gets really busy during our April through October season, it’ll get harder to “budget” but at least there will be some “me” time.  Thanks Christina for a perfect reminder.  You can read it yourself  at www.redbookmag.com.

Oops – time to go!  Even though it’s Sunday and I get 3 hours to sit in my PJ’s and write –  the laundry awaits!



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