The Sacred Stone Book Review 

 February 24, 2013

By  Jana Hassett

The Sacred Stone

By Mark P Cotter

Self Published Feb, 2013


If you live and/or work in Maine, you’ll probably love this book.  Based on the Amerian Indians that arrived from the North, the story takes you through many parts of Upper Maine and compares the historic locations to modern day places.  The Geology, town data, and research are fun, if you are into Maine history.

For the rest of us, the story spits and coughs through many years like the old chief the stone “cures”.  As for the Sacred Stone, it took too long to get to the stone, there was no lead-in to give the stone meaning, and the sacred and spiritual values of Crystals should have been discussed early on to give the stone the spiritual value it deserves.

It is a wonderful story, but constantly interrupted by interjections of today’s world, details on how large the wood was they used to build the cabins or extensive geological data.

I hate to rate books that are below a 3*, but this one, as it’s currently written, only rates a 2.  There is so much potential for this story.  Lovely details, wonderful outdoor scenes, historic places that you can picture because of Mr. Cotters writing.  Now if someone would help him edit the story, get all the word usage issues out of it that spell checker said were okay, and help him reorganize the details to put the focus on the story it would be a lovely book.

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