Bloomburg Businessweek 2/11 – 2/17/13 

 February 19, 2013

By  Jana Hassett

Top 5

#5  –  Breakfast Brunch

Everyone is trying to do everything and no one stands out – so many talk shows and not enough celebrities; so many writers, not enough stories; so many designers, performers, singers, dancers,  and yet no one really stands out.  Everyone, including our President, does the talk show run, the late night show run, and now it’s the Breakfast Run.  Have Breakfast with the movers and shakers, mostly in New York City, and you’ll own the world.  Sigh!

#4  –  Price of Electricity per Kilowatt Hour

Mexico                                 .15 cents

Japan & Germany            .11

India                                      .09

China                                     .07

USA                                       .06

Wonder what the US rate would be if you turned off all the coal fired plants?


#3  –  Long-Term Unemployed or Displaced?

Several articles discussed the unemployed and the long-term unemployed.  Unemployed or displaced by automation.  Andy Stern, former President of the SEIUnion, predicts unemployment will be a more generalized job drought which will be the result largely of automation.

#2  –  WeThePeople.com

Has not proven to be the success constituents anticipated.  There isn’t any discussion from The White House about how many new emails they’ve mined from the “petitions”, but it hasn’t been enough to get a response.  145,000 on-line petitions have been generated and 98 have gotten written responses.  It now takes 100,000 “signatures” to get an official press release style response.

The only true success was the release the White House Beer recipe.

#1  –  Chocolate

Jobs may not be available to the long-term unemployed; the U.S. cattle herds may be dwindling; Automation may be driving away jobs while members of Congress can’t even agree to disagree.  But the true crisis of our society is grossly under-reported   –  the growing shortage of Cocoa.

No cocoa, no chocolate.  The Worlds largest Cocoa groves are in West Africa and growers are switching to more profitable crops.  Cocoa is difficult to grow, picky about weather, and takes many years for new trees to produce.  Watch for chocolate to become more scarce and more expensive.

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