Art On Fire – A Book Review 10/4/14 

 October 4, 2014

By  Jana Hassett

Life of speudo-realism painter Francesco deSilva — 13 of her paintings hang side-by-side at the Francesco deSilva Memorial Museum in Turo, Mass.

An unusual genre for me, I’ve been exploring various writings with my oldest daughter in the LGBT literary category. Art on Fire is the story of pain, love, art and learning about ourselves and being proud of who we are.

Author Hilory Sloin used the 13 remaining paintings, after a horrorific fire, to tell her version of Francesca’s life as a painter, lesbian and recluse. Francesca lived in the attic of her parents stark home by choice and was always over-shadowed by her younger sister who eventually goes mad.

Francesca’s love life is explained using the author’s interpretation of her paintings. A unique way to write with a clear voice, gave me the opportunity to think about art in a different way. It’s also a window to the LGBT community and their pain and isolation in society then and now.

This well written story of life could and should be read by all who wish to understand a different way of life.

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