NCIS New Orleans – Needs Help! 

 October 7, 2014

By  Jana Hassett

NCIS New Orleans replaced my favorite NCIS: LA.  I’m sorry, but it’s not proven to be a viable replacement.  The actors and characters are fine, the stories are too lean and the best is the ME.

However, the biggest disappointment for me is the lack of connection to New Orleans.  I was hoping for links to the people and places of New Orleans.  The night life, the special foods, and the unique life after Katrina.  Places that were impacted and people that survived – their stories and how they got in trouble and why.  The outdoor market, the tables to get Beignets, the unusual historical places, the old churches, etc.

Built in stories and the sriters took us to Alabama, Miss. and god knows where or why.  Like I said – it’s a disappointment.  If you can’t make it better give me back LA please.

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