Another Book Review – Oct 27, 2014 

 October 27, 2014

By  Jana Hassett

I write this review out of kindness, with respect for the feelings of the author,and compassion for her age, life story, and desire to share life experiences.
The book is a simple tale of murder and intrigue but little suspense. We’re dropped into the story in 1942 in an alley with a drunk and a naked girl. The story is about Ellie, but is written around her daughter Camille. The background is developed for Ellie, but then jumps to Camille.

The story doesn’t flow and the writing needs to be tightened up. I felt too much of the character development was left for the end. And the mystery twist never developed because the reader was told the entire plot before the main character discovered it herself.

Overcoming the obstacles placed in the story would require a complete re-write but could make a wonderful “who-done-it”.
A possible way to salvage the story, as it is written tastefully, would be to try and market it to the YA genre.
I will not post this to Amazon nor identify the book . If I did, I would have to rate it a 3*. One for effort, one for a wonderful plot line that could be developed into a great mystery, and one for the author’s interest in forgiveness, as we can’t move on until we forgive.

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