October 17, 2014

By  Jana Hassett

We are now only 13 days from closing our retail gift shop and it’s a little hard to comprehend what that will be like.  We’ve lived our lives around the store here in Escalante, Ut for the past 8 years and we’ve not had free time to stay up late, travel, write, read much or so many other things.

Now that’s it here, we’re both clinging to a dream yet not knowing what that will mean.  C.A. Brooks said it well in her post this past week – “Once again we are reminded to take a breath and honor the pause as a change in direction reveals itself. Vehicles do not instantly change from forward to reverse and neither do we.”

In the meantime time I’m doing a few price changes to make some items more ideal for travelers to take home and feature items that need to find a new home before we close.  I’m in the process of moving my jewelry studio home and I’ll spend the rest of the weekend doing just that.  That will pretty much empty four of eight rooms of “stuff”.  If you think you accumulate “stuff” at home over the years, retail operations are worse.  I’ve rooted out enough pencils, pens, and sticky notes to last the rest of our lifetime and then some.

It’s Friday – peace and joy to all for a pleasant fall weekend.  The Aspen have turned and the cottonwood are following along.  A beautiful weekend for a Sunday drive.

Until next time – – –

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