Hospitality Trends – 2015 

 February 19, 2015

By  Jana Hassett

Professor Cathy Enz, Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, recently defined trends for the 2015 travel season.

First, Millennials are the new “power segment” , who will represent 50% of all travelers by 2025.

Technology is essential for this demographic and they expect power check-in, payment, eating and shopping.

A distinctive subset of this market, are foodies looking for unique and novel experiences along with a gourmet experience at reasonable prices.

More travelers will depend on concierge services integrated outlets, usb ports and wireless technology integrated with their hotel,. TV services are basic, but don’t forget the simple clock.

As more travelers prefer technology to human beings, bypassing the front desk, using a digital concierge, and saying good-bye to bellmen is about here. I can’t image art festivals are exempt.

Local tourism businesses need to ask themselves:

Do I provide on-line booking?
Is my system by date, and type of room or exact room?
Do I make it easy for the customer to spend money?
What room upgrades do I offer?
Do I offer charging stations, phone/tablet usb ports?
Do I have a choice of pillows – hard or soft?
Are there adequate suitcase racks or dresser tops?
Do I have room safes?
Do eateries join my network on TV by food type? If I don’t have a TV system, do I offer that on paper?
Do I have maps of local basic business, including the library, etc. in all my rooms?

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