X Finity 

 April 13, 2019

By  Jana Hassett

It amazes me that these big companies spend thousands of dollars on ads and are so far “out of touch” with mainstream America.

XFinity has two ads running in our area right now, both starring Amy Schumer. One shows her in an XFinity Store with her non-service dog playing tug of war with her pant leg. Really?

The second shows Amy sitting at an XFinity Store in what looks like her pjs, with a blankie, playing with the voice activated portion of the TV, while minority members of the community wait their turn. The staff not only have to ask her to give up the remote, but pay for her pizza because she ordered a pizza but “doesn’t have her wallet”? And that’s not White Supremacy? Really?

What happened to ads that promote products and good behavior? Come on XFinity – get with the program.

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