Wendy’s Ad – Really? 

 May 18, 2019

By  Jana Hassett

I was shocked to view the newest #Wendy’s ad.  It depicts two people discussing the cost of a Frosty.  “Just 50 cents”. Soo the woman jumps into the public fountain and steals 50 cents from it.

Really?  Lack of respect for public property and other people’s property is a major problem in today’s world.  Two generations of lack of respect is now showing future generations it is okay to steal, misuse and/or abuse public and private property.  Parents let their children make messes in privately owned restaurants without recourse; adults leave their trash where ever they are without regard for anyone else. The list is endless.

Dave would never have approved this ad, and whoever wrote it does not have the values of the founder of Wendy’s.  Come on Wendy’s – you have enough in your budget to hire companies that have better values than those reflected in that ad. Don’t help teach another generation thaat whatever they see or do is okay, without consequences.

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