General RV SLC a Disappointment! 

 January 9, 2024

By  Jana Hassett

It feels like a month since we left Cedar City for Quartzsite, AZ. But it’s only been a week.

Just before we left we had Matt’s RV replace the inverter. They did a great job. Then the morning we planned to leave, no hot water and no propane. And the grey and black water valves wouldn’t close. We made a quick stop at Matt’s and they had the valves closed in 5 min. We were off to Boulder City, hoping the propane issues would solve themselves. NOT!

We arrived safely in Quartzsite but did not have heat or hot water until today. Thank you Paul @ Man N Dog, Mobile RV Repair. The heater, hot water heater and water leak at the main valve seems under control.

So much for General RV charging $1,000 to “ready the rig” to basic equipment standards. We’ll move on, but without any referrals. Take all that on top of a terrible Bronchitis infection, and a worn-out couple of oldies makes me grateful for those that were very helpful and kind.

Ran into Wyoming friends at the Chinese Restaurant last night. We’ll go visit their booth Thursday. Headed to a magical cactus garden Wed.

Until then – – –

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