Valentine Memories 2020

After 3 years, I don’t think of her as often as I did.  But memories pop.  Like this past weekend. Friday was Valentine’s Day and we traveled to St. George.  We had to drop the Ford at the dealers for a software upgrade then traveled on south.  We were headed (more…)


Unless you try something different, you’re going to continue to experience the same results you’ve been experiencing. Not sure how to make the changes?   Try answering these questions, but you must write down all your answers. There aren’t any wrong answers. And don’t erase or cross out any (at least (more…)

Wendy’s Ad – Really?

I was shocked to view the newest #Wendy’s ad.  It depicts two people discussing the cost of a Frosty.  “Just 50 cents”. Soo the woman jumps into the public fountain and steals 50 cents from it. Really?  Lack of respect for public property and other people’s property is a major (more…)

X Finity

It amazes me that these big companies spend thousands of dollars on ads and are so far “out of touch” with mainstream America. XFinity has two ads running in our area right now, both starring Amy Schumer. One shows her in an XFinity Store with her non-service dog playing tug (more…)