Three Faces of Utah-Election 2020

The three faces of Utah –

There’s nothing like a 4-way primary to educate those interested in the mood of the state. Utah is no exception when it comes to the most recent Republican Governor’s Race – Election 2020.

Having been involved in politics many moons ago, I love to watch the sociological aspects of the races and what that might mean. If we look at the individual candidates for a moment it starts to paint the map shown below.

1st, we have Thomas Wright.

He owns his own company in Utah, has a good sense of humor and tried to portray himself as the non-politician. Dragging with him retired Congressman Bishop may or may not have helped him, but he did garner 40,000+ votes out of the currently counted votes or 07.9%. He did not win any county.

2nd, we have Greg Hughes.

Greg is the past Speaker of the Utah House, and seasoned politician. You can see Gregs campaign page to see his other many attributes and skeletons, but he was definitely the spoiler in the race. Greg won 9 of the 30 counties with 106,752 votes or 21%. Greg found his support among the disenfranchised voters of the outer lands of the state. And his running mate was a county commissioner from one of those states. More extreme, more anti-government and less represented in the state discussions. These voters will be a challenge for the candidate in the general election as they may just stay home.

3rd, is the candidate that the New York Times was “shocked” to see might lose the primary race. Obviously, they had been listening to the power players and not the people in the state (but that’s true of most NY media who really don’t know Utah via Salt Lake).

Past Governor Jon Huntsman, Jr. only managed to win 5 counties in Utah. Yes, he targeted the more liberal counties and the three biggest – Davis, Salt Lake, and Weber counties – but it wasn’t enough to deliver success. The winning candidate managed to receive 33% of Davis county, 33% of Salt Lake county, and 30% of Weber County. That was too much. Jon received 175,253 votes, or 34.6%.

A number I don’t have at this time, but will probably see before long, is the number of Democrats statewide that re-registered as a Republican in order to vote for Huntsman. A prominent Democrat led that drive, privately and publicly.

In addition, Jon was endorsed by a number of large company owners that encouraged their employees to vote for Jon, but that wasn’t enough either.

That takes us to our 4th candidate and winner, Spencer Cox.

Lt. Gov. Cox started running for office over a year ago when he began by visiting every county and most major cities statewide. His knowledge of state issues and his centrist conservative values got him endorsed by retiring Governor Herbert, and Utah Jazz owner Gail Miller.

He received the nod from 15 of the 30 counties, 184,562 votes or 6.4% .

My take away?

The winning candidate will need to have a conversation with the voters of the left and the right of both parties and determine what common ground exists as he moves forward.

It will be fun to watch and see what the final numbers are and compare them to this map. Election 2020 is not over.

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Utah - Election 2020

Valentine Memories 2020

After 3 years, I don’t think of her as often as I did.  But memories pop.  Like this past weekend.

Friday was Valentine’s Day and we traveled to St. George.  We had to drop the Ford at the dealers for a software upgrade then traveled on south.  We were headed to Best Buy, where Betty had acquired her last laptop.  We went to get Tracy a new cell phone.  He has been using the phone I bought for her to use the last 6 months of her life.

We also ordered a new laptop for me.  My Acer is slowly giving up.  The local repair shop restored it last October and found the on/off switch is in bad shape and will sometime soon give up.  So, we took care of both issues.  We had anticipated it would take at least 2 hours to complete these errands, but not so.

We had planned on going out for Valentine’s lunch, but it was an hour too early.  We paid a visit to our regular haunt in St. George, the Barnes and Noble Book Store.  We always enjoy hunting for something special.  When we pulled into the parking lot of the mall – there was the See’s Candy Shop – her favorite place and the cause of her last accident (two years before her passing).

She was riding her scooter, in the rain, while waiting for her van to be repaired and decided to visit the Sees candy store across the street.  She was on the corner at the intersection waiting for the light to change.  When it did, she mis-calculated and ran one wheel of the scooter off the edge causing it to flip.  She fell on her left shoulder and broke it.  At 92, it was the beginning of the end for her.  Therapy and rehab were the focus of her life for the next 8 months.  While in the hospital her blood work showed she had level 4 ovarian cancer.  She died 8 months after that. 

When done in the bookstore we went back to the car to decide where to eat.  We had talked about Black Bear Diner, but ended up at the Olive Garden (we don’t have one in our community).  More irony, it was the place where momma always took me to lunch when she still could.  We had a lovely lunch and conversation about us, our store and what we wanted to accomplish in the coming year.  And I thought of her again before we left the restaurant.

We ended the day at home sharing valentine day cards, the rest of the wine and chocolates.  Russell Stover – her favorite.  Hard not to accept her presence for the day.  Thanks for the memories.

Until next time – 


Unless you try something different, you’re going to continue to experience the same results you’ve been experiencing.

Not sure how to make the changes?   Try answering these questions, but you must write down all your answers. There aren’t any wrong answers. And don’t erase or cross out any (at least not yet).

What do I really want?

What’s my desired outcome?

What are my gifts and what do I believe about them?

What do I want more of in my life?

Now put them away for a later time.  When you come back you might want to change them or modify them. They are your answers, make them reflect your desires.

More later.

Wendy’s Ad – Really?

I was shocked to view the newest #Wendy’s ad.  It depicts two people discussing the cost of a Frosty.  “Just 50 cents”. Soo the woman jumps into the public fountain and steals 50 cents from it.

Really?  Lack of respect for public property and other people’s property is a major problem in today’s world.  Two generations of lack of respect is now showing future generations it is okay to steal, misuse and/or abuse public and private property.  Parents let their children make messes in privately owned restaurants without recourse; adults leave their trash where ever they are without regard for anyone else. The list is endless.

Dave would never have approved this ad, and whoever wrote it does not have the values of the founder of Wendy’s.  Come on Wendy’s – you have enough in your budget to hire companies that have better values than those reflected in that ad. Don’t help teach another generation thaat whatever they see or do is okay, without consequences.