Earthcrack – Book Review 9/2/14

Earthcrack – A Lyn Hanna Mystery

Based on many real places and problems, this simple mystery is well written yet has a little twist at the end. It also shines a light on the ever-present problem of artifact damage and theft experienced at almost ever indian relic site in America’s southwest.

The Wupatki Ruins of Arizona are wonderful and each set of ruins unique from the rest. Their preservation in a state of arrested decay leaves them vulnerable to looting and damage as discovered in this great story.

Lyn’s clear writing style made it easy to visualize the grounds, visitor center and ruins I have visited many times. She wrote of Navajos in truth and respect that left you wanting to know more and see the pottery for yourself.

Going Forward

For the last 2+ years I’ve wanted to focus my efforts on reading, writing, and blogging. I tried to do that last winter, but realized as long as our retail brick and mortar Gallery is open there’s just no time to do that too. I would have to wait until either the store sold, or we decided to retire and close it.

Well, at long last, we’re about to close. We’re now 91 days away from closing Gallery Escalante. The projected sales during that time will give us the means to pay everything off, and pay the absolute minimum expenses for the next year or until the building sells or is leased. During the process of deciding when to close, my husband Tracy realized he’s ready for a new focus as well. He’s been doing professional photography for over 15 years and is ready for a new path. The one he’s chosen goes with my jewelry business – he’s going to expand his Sandstone Jewelry business and do mostly wholesale. He’ll produce some very special pieces for me to use and the rest will go out as wholesale. A very exciting time for us both.

All things being equal, I’ll post a notice on Goodreads when I’m available for Beta Reads again. I enjoyed that adventure last winter, but found I really needed to put aside more time for the author to ask questions and go back and forth before I started reading someone else’s work. It was a great experience and I learned a lot from some wonderful authors. I look forward to being allowed to share their passion again.

In the meantime, I’ll keep writing on my blog, my jewelry blog and helping some very good friends establish their weblog for a business adventure. Those efforts and closing the store should keep me out of trouble. And if there’s any time left I’ll keep building creative and unique jewelry pieces which you can see at

Pinch Me – Book Review 8-18-14

Pinch Me: How Following The Signals Changed My Life
by Bernadette Logue

“There is freedom and inner power in knowing your true self.” And Bernadette finds that in her journey learning to believe in herself and trust in the synchroncity that occurs every day in every life – if you’re listening. You know, that little voice you ignore most of the time? Once you start listening to it and following it your life will be immensely better.

Pinch Me is Bernadette’s story of how she began to listen, and how it changed her life. We all have the opportunity to experience these events if we pay attention. And sometimes, new people come into our path, or people already known to us will show up at a particular time, because they are part of the “signal”. These are people that form part of the intricate web that has been woven in reaction to your beliefs, thoughts and feelings.

For “sympathy cravers”, those that experience negative cycles in their day-to-day lives – when little things are turned into dramatic disasters that are shared with anyone who will listen, their thoughts need to be re-focused to positive thoughts, for sending negative signals gets you negative results.

Bernadette experienced a positive refocus to her life when she began to send consistent positive thoughts and she got consistent positive results. She set her goals in life, which made her intentions clear. She found that “…with an open mind and heart, you can learn things in the most unexpected places, from the most unexpected people.”

I enjoyed her prose and writing style. It’s easy to read and heartfelt. Definitely worth the price of admission!

Mothers of Missouri – take back your sons.

Missouri Riots –

As I watch the news of events in Missouri, I can’t help but associate with the business owners that have been negatively impacted by the mob mentality of the black community.  What have they done to them that they deserve loosing their livelihood?  What have they done to the black community to deserve the damage to their property?  And what right do the blacks have to take their anger and frustration out on the innocent business owners?


I’m ashamed for them and I’m ashamed that “their” president hasn’t stepped in and asked them to calm down – that violence is not the answer.  That education, improving their lot and encouraging the increase in black police officers is the way to answer the problem, not more violence.  And, of course, here comes Jessie Jackson.

My question to the black community is – do you really want to live like Syria?  Do you really want your mothers to live like those in Iran, Iraq and the Gaza Strip? Do you really want another race war with all the hate and death?  If you don’t have any respect for “whitey” can’t you respect they too are people with families, and their businesses are their livelihood?  They didn’t shoot your son, taking it out on them is not okay.

How does this stop?  Mothers!  Mothers of those rioting, call in your sons.  Call down your husbands, re-establish yourself as the moral compass for your family and do not allow these men to take more of your children into cemeteries.  Call them down and out of jails and into the workforce.  Call them down and out of drugs and back into families.  Women are the key to world peace.  They are the key to orderliness and they need to take back their role as the matriarch of the family.

We cannot abdicate our responsibility for having brought them into this world.  We bore them and we are responsible for them until our deaths.  Call them home!

Blackwater Lightship – by Colm Toibin – A Book Review 08-10-14

In a world where 3 generations of women rarely share the same house Blackwater Lightship is the story of how three generations do just that, albeit for a short time, and each learn how to enjoy it in their own way.

Grandmother provides the home for daughter and granddaughter to learn how they can get along after many years of hate and unspoken anger. Grandmother takes advantage of having others in her house to get daughter off her back and gets help planning her ending in a positive way.

Daughter resigns herself to admitting her faults and asking for forgiveness in order to go on with life. And granddaughter – she gets to address and forgive the demons she’s been carting around for 20+ years.

The avenue for this is Grandson, who has aids, and comes to Grandmothers house to die. His two best friends come with him and provide the means for the women to open up about many things. Discussing openly their son’s/grandson’s/brothers sexual orientation is not a big discussion but an avenue to talking frankly about other historic family issues.

The gay friends are odd and querky and cold, which felt right for the rest of the family yet at odds with Grandmother’s world. A world you only get a glimpse of and never really feel comfortable in. They just appear and disappear leaving you with the three generations of women and I never felt whether they felt good about the part they played in the story.

Well written and easy to read after you once get over a difficult section on the setting.